The Graduate

Congrats!…the real world isn’t what you imagine…

LAS Ball Recap

Laotian American Society   |   6th Annual Charity Ball  |   November 20, 2010 Hi Team, I would like to thank everyone involved in the LAS Ball. Even though I looked liked I was stressed out (which I was…) I think overall it was our most impressive one yet, in the event’s 5+ year history. There is […]

3em Entertainment Concert / Thai Nguyen Fashion Show

3em Entertainment Concert / Fashion Show | Moonlite | Chamblee, GA Featuring: Nguyen Thang, Nhu Loan, Helena Ngoc Hong, Thai Nguyen Even I snuck into some shots… Images below are from the Thai Nguyen Fashion Show portion of the night.  These are the shots I got in between shooting video clips, 85mm f/1.4 on the […]

Nhi | ihN

MUA and Stylist: (Evil) Nhi Model: (Good) Nhi

Warehouse 13

MUA and Hair: Nhi Model: Michelle Designer: Thai Nguyen

Atlanta Photo Meetup

Tech Notes: Was very dark at Piedmont Park, so an SB800 set on Master mode was used for its IR AF assist light to trigger an off camera speedlight.  All shots at f/1.4 and a long shutter speed in order to let the building lights burn into the image, with an intentional pan and motion blur for a […]