Chin National Day 2024 – Cultural Dance Photos – Set 2

Chin Community of Atlanta Georgia 76th Chin National Day February 24, 2024 | Gujarati Samaj of Atlanta Event Coverage by Boon Vong (and my remote cameras!).  It takes time to go through and sort thousands of my photos from any event, plus the time to edit/color grade to my standards, and also posting to my […]

Hoi Cho Tet Atlanta 2024 – Event Photos

HỘI CHỢ TẾT ATLANTA TẾT FESTIVAL February 10, 2024 | Space Ballroom Featuring: Viet Atlanta’s Got Talent, GaTech Dance Group, Scholarship Winners and General Festival Vibe photos

Hoi Cho Tet Atlanta 2024 – Miss Viet Photos – Set 1

HỘI CHỢ TẾT ATLANTA TẾT FESTIVAL NÉT ĐẸP VIỆT NAM February 10, 2024 | Space Ballroom Thanks to all the lovely pageant ladies for posing for photos!  What a jam packed event at the Space in Norcross.  Always brings back memories of the 3em Vietnamese concert Grand Ballroom days.   Here’s Set 1 of my photos.  […]

VAC-GA – Mrs Vietnam Georgia 2024

Vietnamese American Community of Georgia VAC-GA Lunar New Year Festival / Mrs Vietnam Georgia Pageant Sunday February 4, 2024 | Plaza las Americas | Duluth, GA

VAC-GA – Miss Vietnam Georgia 2024 – Photos Set 4

Vietnamese American Community of Georgia VAC-GA Lunar New Year Festival / Miss Vietnam Georgia Pageant Sunday February 4, 2024 | Plaza las Americas | Duluth, GA Photo Set #4 – Winners! Also here are my photos from the Mrs Vietnam Pageant: VAC-GA – Mrs Vietnam Georgia 2024

Atlanta Hanfu Festival Photos – NYE 2023

What an amazing display of culture and talent!  Thanks for having me! Here are my favorite photos (and some dreamy slow shutter videos) from a lovely evening at the theatre.  Feel free to use the images however you want (Merry Christmas) 🙂  Anyone that would like to shoot in the spring let me know! There […]

Fuji S5 Portraits Revisited

At some point I think modern camera culture will fall in line with car culture.  Folks wanting a different user experience, or just appreciate how something looks.  With cameras I think the best reason why folks should want to collect and use “old” digital cameras is because that’s the only way to get access to […]

L&N Chin Burmese Pre Wedding Shoot

L&N All this happened in one day believe it or not!  Thanks to Lalsi and Ngai for being such great models and willing to walk to get these shots. 😉 The Chin cultural attire is so lovely and I already have ideas for some spring shoots amidst the fruit tree blossoms.

Fall + Sony A7 + Canon EF 24mm 1.4L

Thanks for reading/viewing along on my journal here.  I know the last posts have been more of a visual record of my practicing with my various photography combos.  Just like getting up early to walk or shoot hoops, practicing with different camera combos to build up the muscle memory is always a good thing.  Plus […]

Fall Photos + Fujifilm X-E1 + 16-50mm

I really like this super light kit for wandering around.  Once you stop considering cameras for situations where they might struggle in professional/work settings they are all charming in their own way.  If the weak battery goes out on a chilly early morning walk, no big deal, just admire the falling leaves and sing along […]

Nikon V1 + FT1 + 18-55mm Kit Lens

The other day it dawned on me that I could use the cheap kit lens from the D5300, the ubiquitous 18-55mm on my various Nikon 1 cameras adapted with the FT1.  I’ve obviously used all of my F mount lenses on this thing for testing and goofing off purposes many times in the past but […]

Fall in Westminster SC

Some fall photos from a drive to Westminster South Carolina, with some stops before and afterwards.  So cold on this day.

Fall Photos 2023 + Sigma SD10 + SD15

With my various photography gear I do treat it kind of like a video game, the RPG’s where you have to level up different weapons with experience points.  This season was about finally unlocking the code so to speak on Fujifilm .raf raw files after all these years, so my Sigma cameras haven’t been used […]

Fall Photos 2023 + Nikon D5300 + 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

I bought a really excellent condition Nikon D5300 and kit lens the other day.  It was too cheap to pass up and after using the exif checker, this camera had only been used for about 4000 pictures.  I thought it would be nice to have a simple light camera that has a flip out screen […]

Diwali BAPS Fireworks Photos 2023 – Lilburn, GA

Every year I keep on forgetting to bring the Olympus cameras, with their fancy Live-Composite and Live-Bulb photo modes.  Probably the best tool for fireworks photography.  Oh well, these were shot with less than optimal gear, but it was still fun and a sight to behold on a chilly Sunday.

Fall in Georgia 2023 + Honda S2000

State of the leaves in our area on 10.24.2023.  This fall is different (as usual).  Most of the leaves are dull brown before the eventual bigger rush of color, but the wind and impending freezing temperatures will probably affect that too.  Still though, very nice around town.  

Fall in South Carolina – Brasstown Falls and Chattooga Belle Farm

These are photos from last Friday (the 13th!) up in nearby South Carolina.  This area might as well still be considered Georgia as it’s north of Toccoa and South of Clayton by about 30 minutes.  Brasstown Falls (not to be confused with the highest point in Ga Brasstown Bald) is a really nice waterfall with […]