Fall in Georgia 2023 + Honda S2000

State of the leaves in our area on 10.24.2023.  This fall is different (as usual).  Most of the leaves are dull brown before the eventual bigger rush of color, but the wind and impending freezing temperatures will probably affect that too.  Still though, very nice around town.  

Photo Outing – 02-06-2022 – Caffeine and Octane and Dragon Dance

Sunday was no real plan, just stop by a few events, drive around and shoot some film. Was late to the monthly Caffeine and Octane car show, but there were a few unique cars left that were worthy of a few frames of precious film.  We also stopped by to see the Lion and Dragon […]

Caffeine and Octane – 09-06-2020

It hasn’t been a normal year, but for this second half, I’m glad that every first Sunday of the month gives us a chance to basically stroll through Gran Turismo in real life. Thanks to Caffeine and Octane, the US’s biggest monthly car show, for giving us something to look forward to! Best part of […]

Caffeine and Octane – July 5, 2020

Caffeine and OctaneJuly 5, 2020  |  Perimeter Mall  |  Atlanta, GA   First Caffeine and Octane of this summer season because of well, you know… So it was fun to be able to actually go out and take pictures (and afterwards eat good food!)  Stars of the show in my opinion were: the Koenigsegg Regera […]

Caffeine and Octane – 6-1-2014

Notes:  Not too much to share here, just another quick outing at this month’s car show.  There was a gentleman there using a RED Epic Mysterium-X and clever use of a skate board dolly.  I just rolled with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, which in my opinion can crank out the same level of […]

Caffeine and Octane – 09-02-2013

Notes: This is what Caffeine and Octane looks like at about 8 in the morning.  Already busy with lots of people snapping images of a crazy collection of classics, exotics and whatever just came out on the market.  Being “lower class citizens,” not many of us creative types will ever be able to even live […]