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Boon Vong – Atlanta Based Artist, Photographer, Visual Designer   |   |   678-777-4067

BFA Drawing and Painting, The University of Georgia

  • Skills in Drawing, Photography, Design, and Computers.
  • Keen interest in Art, Music, Cinema, Pop Culture, and Technology.
  • Volunteered and Independently documented the Metro Atlanta scene for over 15 years.

Full Resume/CV and References Available Upon Request

Traditional Portrait artist versed in the following medium:

Pencil • Charcoal • Pen and Ink • Scanned Art colored in Photoshop • Tablet Based Drawing/Painting Programs • Mischief • Procreate



An example of my current digital RAW photography workflow, demonstrating:

Creative Color Grades • Color Correction • RAW image rescue • Print Prep

Adept at getting the most out of a digital raw file and putting my style into finished works for digital display and traditional photo prints. Comfortable in both Mac OS and Windows, I enjoy learning the strengths of every digital camera manufacturer, including their native RAW software.
Adobe Photoshop • Nikon Capture NX2 •  Canon Digital Photo Professional • Sigma Photo Pro • Capture One • DXO • Silkypix •   Resolve

I use/own many brands of digital and film cameras and their respective lenses:

Nikon • Canon • Sigma • Sony • Fujifilm • Olympus • Pentax • & Alternative/Lo Fi Gear

A small section of my personal photo archive spanning 20+ years. Besides the early digital and film photos, every photo has been edited from the original RAW file. This archive houses 280,000+ photos and images that I have since migrated to Apple’s Photos software on MacOS, iPad OS and iOS for fast face recognition based tagging.  There is also a video only dedicated album featuring 19,000+ video clips taken during this time period as well.

Wedding Photography for Diverse Couples and Cultures

Wedding Photography with a fun mix of posed and documentary style images. Comfortable as a second shooter/assistant as well. Fully versed in using any of the major brands, Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, et al, natural light, artificial lights and strobes. Always a focus on high image quality, and storytelling with honest emotions, in a technical all RAW digital workflow.



Video: My 100 Page Event Photography Work 18MB 1:30

My photos used for Universoul Circus. Examples here include landing images, show previews, and press releases. The goal was to show the fun upbeat nature of the show, the diversity of the acts, and the surprise and delight that families get from this traveling circus. The many images I shot for the marketing campaign were also used for social media, and as graphics for online ads and ticketing. Image quality was scale-able to be enough for large format pieces such as billboards, event signage and fence wraps.  Small prints was also given by me to the performers for their hard work and friendship over the years.

Former Creative Specialist and Photographer for Legacies of War: a non profit that raises awareness about the Vietnam War era bombing in Laos and advocate for the clearance of unexploded bombs, and to provide space for healing the wounds of war, and to create greater hope for a future of peace. My photos and creative assistance ranged from event coverage of the traveling art exhibit in the United States, contributing fine artist, and also photo documentarian for the 2008 Legacies of War Laos Study Trip.

One of my illustrations printed in large format for the art exhibit: “Laos in the House: Voices from Four Decades of the Lao Diaspora” March 6 – May 1, 2015 at the Asian Arts Initiative. Curator: Catzie Vilayphonh. Sponsoring Organization: Laos in the House. Photo Courtesy of the Asian Arts Initiative

I am one of the featured creators on the Sigma-Sein website. Very cool to be listed with the other talented creators that use Sigma cameras and lenses! (The link is in English, I just thought the Japanese text looks waay cooler!) 😉

Laotian American Society (LAS) the non profit 501(c)3 that I helped build and volunteered with for over 13 years. I began as a volunteer that enjoyed photographing the Lao community here in Georgia, but grew with the group to become the visual media and marketing person (in addition to many other hats). Images have always been important in promoting an idea or message, and I have used my photos in the building of the LAS brand and online presence, from the original versions of the website to the rise of the social media age, with daily posts to garner interest in our unique Laotian American culture and help with fund raising and branding.

Tasks included flyer creation for both traditional print and digital display, fundraising packet design, and misc banner and media design. My roles also included helping organize the yearly Fundraising Gala, an event that consistently brought in 300+ guests on average in its 13+ year history. The biggest turnout was over 800 in 2007. The money raised via our Corporate Sponsors all went into our College Scholarships for Laotian Students, K-12 Awards for Academic Excellence, and the Cultural Programs. LAS also had many re occurring events on the yearly calendar, being one of the vital members of the Asian Pacific Islander community in Georgia. I helped document, volunteered at, or helped manage many events from Youth Programs to Cultural and Non Profit collaborations.

Samples of my portraits, documentary photography, and event coverage of the diverse multi ethnic Asian American community in metro Atlanta. Covering the community has been a passion of mine since 2003, and I’m grateful for the chance to help show our new communities in the best light. Being an immigrant refugee myself, there are many facets of my own history and heritage that will always be a part of my identity.


Sample magazines I created with InDesign using all my photos. This was a creative project to keep me busy during the quarantine, and hopefully is a better display of work skills that doesn’t normally come across in a simple black and white resume. All of the images I color corrected from the RAW files in Capture NX2, and continued to edit in Photoshop.

This mock wedding magazine uses all of my photos–the cover from a styled shoot, and the inside from a real wedding I shot in 2019.


Event Coverage for 3em Entertainment and the Vietnamese Concert Scene in metro Atlanta. Provided photography in a team environment that showcased the fun, and also hard work from volunteers and all those involved, and always tried to show well known Vietnamese singers in their best light and interaction with fans.