Photo Hangout: Norcross Cherry Trees – 2022-02-21

Thanks to Claudia, Byung, and Jazz for coming out to take pictures with the flowering okame cherry trees in downtown Norcross.  The petals don’t last long so I’m definitely glad when I can get a shoot in during peak colors.

Rain was predicted for this day so we only had about a one hour window.  I normally always arrive to a spot early and get some “free throws” and practice with whatever gear I chose for the shoot.  Some would get tired of going to the same spot, but I’ve always liked the challenge of finding different angles.  Different days, different weather and different light so there’s plenty of change to work with.  Here are my warm up shots:

The weather was really gray with looming rain clouds to the west.  No clear blue skies like on Sunday, but the even lighting makes it where you can situate models and couples in any direction.

Jazz is a very nice dog, and he was well behaved at their wedding last year too!

Some young folks were getting ready to film a music video as well. 

Thanks for lunch at Mojitos guys!

I had the breaded chicken which was really good and flavorful.  Yes that big piece!

As lunch was wrapping up it starting raining lightly as predicted.  I though it would be really nice to shoot with the bubble umbrella under the cherry trees.  Thanks guys for being such troopers and really enjoying taking photos!

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