Notes: Another little friend added to the mix…the Digital Harinezumi 2!  I believe the name is Japanese for “Hedgehog,” and its movies really mimic 8mm film.  One of these days I’m going to have a photo shoot and limit myself to just one camera via “Random Select.” 🙂

Old Gear

Notes: So here are the results from the various gear I’ve found on my treasure hunts.  The first ones are from a 55mm f/1.4 Auto Sears (M42 Pentax Screwmount).  It’s a re-badged Japanese lens and it has a nice dreamy quality.  The flaring is different from the vintage Nikons and good in its own way.  […]

L&J: Pre Wedding

Notes: Almost a full day of shooting on this test run.  Thanks to everyone who came out and stuck it out through the warm weather.  Luckily the sakura and other trees were in bloom, and I tried to make the best out of local spots, from up the street to across town.  Another camera juggling fest as well, and […]

Momocon 2011

Momocon in Infrared Notes: Photos from this year’s MomoCon.  Only went on Saturday, but it was fun.  Great weather and city atmosphere, but it was somewhat chaotic and the long lines kept us from going anywhere.  So it was more like a really long extended lunch in high school where the kids are free to run […]


Model: Rosanna MUA/Hair/Lighting Assistance: Nhi Notes: Spring is here, so time for a new look and style.  Almost forgot to take a picture with the Polaroid ProPack, and lo and behold, the only image from it was one of the strongest.  The Fujifilm ISO 100 FP-100C is very nice, and I’ve always wanted to use the green […]


Does this mean I’m finally a professional? 😎

3em 1st Anniversary Concert

3em Entertainment Featuring: Tuan Hung, Nhu Loan, Hoang Thuc Linh & Jacky Tai Fashion Show Norcross, GA Notes: Thanks to the 3em Entertainment crew for putting on a great show, and allowing me to contribute with event coverage.  Thanks to all the lovely models and entertainers, stylists and volunteers. Before getting to the event photos, here are […]

New Toys

Notes: Found these gems while browsing antique stores.  Granted, none of them work, but they sure look cool as props/accessories/camera bling. 🙂

no. 11

Model: Cammy MUA / Hair: Nhi


Notes:  In drawing class, if the model can’t make it, students are usually given an assignment to just draw each other.  Same thing in photography.  But that’s not really what our fake modeling is all about. 🙂  I’m grateful to anyone who has ever given me or loaned some camera gear that’s sitting in their closet.  To some […]

Miss Viet Georgia / VAC Lunar New Year 2011

Extra Pix! Notes: I draw.  I take photos.  I don’t speak Vietnamese. 😉  These are the silly photos I usually end up liking. …Team Blanco, white is for winnahs!   Apparently everyone got the inception to wear white in the dream state.  Hey, those photos look familiar. 🙂


Notes: “Team Neekon” for when we take photos…and “Team Jobless” for when we battle in Fat Princess!! 🙂

‘Tina & ‘Linda

Notes: First pretty day in Atlanta in a long time so took advantage of it. Almost everything in the bag used,  ’cause well, I get bored. 🙂


Notes:  Camera companies should realize that the megapixel race and feature creep isn’t what some of us really want for all devices.  We want the ability to mimic what was, and still are, some expensive captures of random moments in life.  And we also want it for free!  That’s where the Instagram application comes in.  The […]

PX 600 Silver Shade

Notes: Trying out some PX 600 Polaroid film from the Impossible Project.  $25 for 8 shots.  Yes, 8.  Maybe I’ll just do one a week.


Notes: All the snow in the Southeast is a bother, but it sure does look good in photos.  The Sun as the best and only light, and the icy landscape as a big reflector. I keep on forgetting to use the Lumiquest Softbox III.  It’s small and easily fits into my bag.  Combined with the sunlight, the results […]

Snow and Ice

Notes: Some of these photos are actually from the last time it snowed, a bit more picturesque a few weeks ago.

Ring Light

Model: Frannie MUA / Hair: Nhi Lighting Assistance and Props: BRC and PT I draw, I take photos, I write about it.  Thanks to the team for all the help.  Thanks to BRC for letting me take his ABR800 ring light out for a test drive.  It definitely produces some blinding light.  Even shooting through its “portal” has […]


Notes: It snowed in the ATL on Christmas, so of course I had to step outside. Thanks to KT for putting up with the bitter cold just so I could shoot and then write about it. If you guys have been following for the last several posts I’ve pretty much been trying to give a […]