Photo Hangout – 2022-02-13

Sunday was fun!  Thanks to CBHS Theatre Dept for letting me see the dress rehearsal for their current show “Steel Magnolias.” I think it’s so cool that these multi talented kids enjoy doing something as a creative group.  I can’t recall young me ever wanting to be at school, especially on a weekend. 😉  If you want to check out the show or upcoming shows, please see the link below:


And afterwards was a mini hangout with my baby bear! Stopped by my favorite flowering trees, marveled at the humongous satellite dishes, and finally tried the Korean Corn Dogs in Assi Food Court down the street (SSongs Hotdog).  I’ve eaten my fair share of corndogs since I was a kid, but these are next level.  The breading isn’t cornmeal, but more like a mochi/sticky rice!  And no, sugar does not belong as a sprinkling on these.  Ketchup will do just fine. 🙂


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