First Day of Spring – 2022-03-20

Just some fun photos from the first “official” day of Spring down here in Georgia. Thanks to Chalita (@chalitanata) for always coming along for food+fun+thrifting.  I don’t think it can be stressed enough that one can see so many different multicultural communities here in metro Atlanta.  In a half day one can get great Thai food, visit a shop for magic crystals, and get all kinds of Asian groceries.

Anyways here’s a few highlights from our day!  Tech Notes: my main cameras have so many clicks on them, so I used this outing to get practice time with my “old” and oddball gear.  Nikon D300, D40, Canon 5D and Nikon 50mm 1.4, and the Sigma SD15 and junk kit lens.  See if you can pick out which is which!

Fried calamari and basil leaves

Pork dumplings

Chicken Pad Thai

Fancy salad with greens, salmon, and ginger dressing

Mango and sticky rice!!

Can’t remember when the jasmine blooms behind phoenix and dragon, but I do remember that it smelled really nice and fragrant.

In nearby Sandy Springs, the crab apple trees were really nice and in bloom.

This is one crazy big crab apple tree.  And yes Asians eat this too with the sauce, either dry or wet.

If you’ve never been Plaza Fiesta it is amazing.  Crazy amount of people inside and it’s great to see a spot where certain communities can feel like it’s for them.  Sadly the $.50 tacos are gone though, doubling in price to $.99!  I’m coming back to do a shoot in the arcade section one day.

The new library in Norcross is pretty cool with its large open floor layout.  The outside has a stark plain look that actually has photo potential.  The plots of desert flora will be pretty in a few months.  I can predict the top of the parking deck being just like a desert in the evil Georgia summer though since there’s no shade.

That super frigid weekend really did a number to the cherry and peach trees.  Some literally went from petals to leaves, and I don’t know if it will be as picturesque as in years past.

The day began with mango and sticky rice so it was only fitting to end it with sour mango and dry+stinky sauce! 🙂

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