Yonah Mountain

Even with the pollen I thought it would be fun to walk up Yonah Mountain. When we got to the top, it started hailing, which was actually refreshing since the forest was a bit warm in the sun and all the bugs were out in full force.

New Orleans: Street Photography

Street Photography from the Saturday and Sunday before Mardi Gras 2012. Fujifilm X100 to keep it light and simple. …However this little Fuji has been exhibiting the “sticky aperture blade” problem for quite some time now. Erratic exposures caused by the lens not being able to stop down correctly. Fujifilm USA, I hope this can be fixed for the cost of shipping only… 🙁

Location Scouting: Suwanee in the Autumn

Landscapes around town, with a Nikon J1 and Fuji X100.  Great lightweight cameras for walking around, and any imaging device can get pretty pictures if the light is right.  All these photos taken early in the morning and brisk, about 36 degrees.  The little J1’s high image quality doesn’t surprise me at all.  Too many […]

Fujifilm X100

After acquiring new gear, I like to take my own “product shots.” This is the latest addition to the fleet, the Fujifilm X100. Even I get tired of all the clackety clacking that my various cameras make. It’s refreshing to use a large sensor camera with a good lens, and whisper quiet shutter.