Photos: Studio 72

Notes: Speedlight in a softbox, CLS triggered, SB800 zoomed out to 105mm hitting the mirrorball made for some cool pix

Photos: Wild Bill’s

Notes: SB-800 Speedlight in a softbox, CLS triggered. Last minute notice on this shoot, so thanks to S.B. for backdrop.  Dark as a cave in the lounge area, but the purple wall made for some interesting shots, also thanks to all the mua’s and stylists.

Laos: Director’s Cut

Life can either be a tragedy or a comedy.  I know almost all of my posts recapping my 15 days in Laos have been about the struggles and problems in current day Laos, from the point of view of an artist/photographer, but I did manage to have some fun.  In all the other posts I […]

Laos: Food

Ah yes, the most important part of the trip…the food!  Like I mentioned, I weighed the least, but ate the most.  Sadly, still super skinny…. p.s. the “S” in Laos is silent!