ATL Model Meetup

    Technical Notes: Nikon MF 50mm f/1.4 Ai-S on a Canon body.  Focus ring is nice and smooth, and the glass definitely has the vintage look from that era.  Bokeh is quite harsh and somewhat distracting compared to the newer lenses, and the lens aberrations can’t be fixed with the Canon software, but get over it, it’s digital […]

Photos: Von

Notes: Thanks Von and Thip for the spur of the moment photo shoot…hair, make up, and location by them…me, I just show up and click a button. 😎

Photos: LLB

Notes: …was ridiculously cold and sleeting during the shoot, thanks for being a trooper!

Photos: Chrissy

…While I won’t be drawing much for awhile I guess I can still take photos…definitely actress material, very versatile…thanks for the talk on life and love over tootsie rolls…yep, I like ’em too. 🙂

Road Trip: NW Georgia

Random Notes: …that was a relatively long drive…photos somewhat mimic the plot in a horror movie, pass by the quaint small town, come across the looming power plant and fade into the infrared shots at a covered bridge, a la Tales from the Darkside.  One of the images also suffers from file corruption (a fitting transition into the […]


Notes: Nikon plus 85mm f/1.4 / Sigma minus IR Filter

Gallery: Autumn

Notes: Not that it ever matters, but Nikon, Sigma and Canon with various lenses for these images.  See you out there…

Yonah Mountain

Notes: This year the Fall season snuck up on me again.  This past weekend was probably peak time for us, but the rain this week (and most of this past year…) knocked off most of the colorful leaves.  Still scenic and calming though as I made the drive to the usual spots.  Minnehaha Falls was picturesque but I doubt any “model” is […]

Photos: Oakland Cemetery in IR

Notes: Thanks to the Atlanta Model/Photo Meetup group, and of course Oakland Cemetery for allowing us to disturb this hallowed ground.  Apologies to the phantoms and spirits roaming around with all the clicking and stomping.  Infrared photos of Atlanta’s most famous cemetery, with a Sigma SD14 and 10-20mm.  For every 5 shots that other cameras get […]

Photos: Atlanta Asian Film Festival

Notes: Very cool to have our Laotian people (both Lao and Hmong) on center stage with a packed house, and you could feel the energy in the room when the trailer for The Betrayal was shown…yeah, slowly but surely our people’s shared story is being known worldwide. More pix coming soon.

Photos: Lao Heritage Foundation Fundraiser

Lao Heritage Foundation 5th Year Fundraiser | September 19, 2009 | Alexandria, VA Notes: The LHF preserves and promotes Lao culture through visual arts, dance, and music.  In addition to connecting with people I’d only “passed by” online, it was nice just being around a good selection of creative Lao folk.  Master Khaen player Bounseung Synanonh was there, along with Thavisouk […]

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2009

Hong Kong Association Dragon Boat Atlanta Festival September 12, 2009 | Lake Lanier, Gainesville, GA Notes: We didn’t do so bad. Rowed in all three races and still had time to take photos.  Saturday turned out to be blazing hot, but the Vietnamese Nón lá (conical hat) beats any tattered baseball cap.  Thanks to the […]

Photos: Oak Alley Plantation

  Notes: Oak Alley Plantation near Baton Rouge, Baby ‘Bel and her baby Holga. 😀   Lovely place, but full of gnats and mosquitoes.  Man, it was sweltering that day…

New Orleans: 4 Years after Katrina

  Notes: Sunrise over the Lower Ninth Ward.  Been down to New Orleans many times, and this trip just happened to coincide with the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.  In that same time period, with the now quickened pace of life, people can graduate, change their last name and have kids.  Sadly, for this area of […]

New Orleans: Sun up to Sun down

  Notes: It will probably be a long time before New Orleans gets back to its heyday of tourists shoulder to shoulder on Bourbon Street, but I enjoy going down there because it’s different from my norm.  “…Changes in latitude, changes in attitude…” The city still holds that unique charm: antique mansions versus urban decay–creepy unsettling violence amidst […]

Photos: Stone Mountain

Notes: Was super hot walking up the mountain and we got rained on as we were almost to the top.  In typical Georgia summer fashion, it didn’t last long, and it actually made for some most pleasant weather, and of course the pools of water for the photos.  One of those situations where you think it […]

Sok Sabai

Halle Speaker Series, Luncheon Presentation | July 24, 2009 His Excellency Sichan Siv, Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations “The Challenges of US Global Leadership” Random Notes: …Just wanted to post these photos because the quality of light in the room was very nice, not the usual incandescent dungeon that most people hold […]

Photos: Raven Cliffs Falls

Misc Notes: Raven Cliffs Falls, North of Helen, GA.  2.5 Mile hike from parking lot, following the stream and multiple stopping points for small waterfalls.  Trail is moderate to easy, however the “path” to the top of the falls is precarious and steep.  The waterfall has two pools, with some really cool water.  The bottom […]

↑,↑,↓,↓,←,→,←,→, B, A, SELECT, START

  Been cleaning up, i.e. throwing away junk, and I came to all my old videogames. For old times sake I hooked up an NES to the projector and played a couple of games. Of course it acted up in the beginning and took the breath on the cartridge trick to get it going. 🙂 […]