MUA and Styling: Nhi Model: Ngoc

Vietnamese Moon Festival

Notes: …shooting pictures with camera B while carrying a Steadicam Merlin on camera A is pretty hard…video clips in the next post.


Notes: …Pocky…Anime…Totoro…Aoi-Chan…Kaz Style…Bokeh…Kosupre…Japanfest…Team Neekon!!!


MUA and Styling: Nhi Model: Phuong

Miss Viet =)

MUA and Hair: Nhi Model: Christina, Miss Vietnam Georgia 2010 Location: My front yard 🙂 Technical Notes: All primes on this one, that is, lenses with a fixed focal length.  50mm, 85mm, and 105mm.  Have a hard time deciding which one is my favorite for portraiture, so I just use them all.

Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival 2010 Photos

View all posts tagged: Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival Notes:  Thanks to everyone for coming out to participate in this year’s Dragon Boat Race!  I think the best times were when we just sat around and talked and when we threw the football and frisbee.  Oddly enough, I didn’t take a single picture of a boat or heat this year.  I did […]

Dragon Con 2010 in Infrared

Notes: Didn’t get to shoot much of the parade in IR due to me forgetting to charge the battery…but what I did get sure was creepy looking… 😈

You Can’t Go Home Again

I’m sure most of us have mixed emotions when it comes to thinking about the places where we grew up.  In movies and tv, you see it a lot, famous people and athletes returning to their humble homes with a lit match or a bulldozer in tow.  For regular followers of my work, I’m sure […]


Notes:  Dragon Boat practice at the lake, it’s not too late to join our team! Come out for papaya salad! 🙂

Atlanta Photo Meetup: 57th Fighter’s Group II

Fun meetup at the 57th Fighter’s Group, a restaurant/bunker with lots of army and airplane props, and the Dekalb county airport in the background.  Here are the shots I got out of the craziness.  Thanks to Eric and the Atlanta Photo/Model meetup group for organizing, and thanks to Nhi, Brittany, and Breanna for coming out.  3 different cameras […]

Foveon Strobist

Technical Notes: Actually a mixture of modeling light photos with the Canon and strobist shots with the Sigma SD14. Normally I shoot Nikon and off camera speedlights via CLS and TTL, but this time Pocket Wizard strobes and manual settings.  I prefer the creative variety that shooting CLS gives you, especially outside, like being able to shoot f/2.8 or […]

Lao New Year 2010 – Wat Sattha Dhamma – Habersham County, GA

Wat Sattha Dhamma | Alto, GA Random Notes: Like most Lao things, humble beginnings on this one as well, but there aren’t many times in America these days where you can witness an old timey barn raising, people pulling together to build something.  Time will tell if this becomes a Lao “Bonnaroo” field, and more complaints from […]


  Notes: Pix by Misa and me :), Nikon CLS strobist stuff and Capture NX as usual…

Room to Read Event

The Lovett School | Atlanta, GA Notes: John Wood had a pretty comfy position at Microsoft ten years ago.  While travelling through Nepal he visited a quaint school in the mountains and found their “library” was merely a filing cabinet with things left over from hikers and travelers.  Apalled at this he vowed to return with more […]