Spring in Georgia – 2-23-24-2022

Tuesday morning was cold and rainy but that made for some nice photos.  Today though was crazy hot and it seems everything bloomed overnight.  So here’s what I got from my normal drives and walkabouts.  As you can see most of these spots are just simple non fancy places you can get to from the side of the road.  The challenge though is to see compositions that others might not.  I treat it as if I were going to paint it in ink like the Chinese landscape paintings of old, or at the very least frames in a comic book that show an establishing shot.  It seems like most days everyone’s oblivious to a pretty spot until someone (me) is standing there admiring it with several cameras.  Then they always come up to chat with me, which to be honest happens a lot!

Anyways, here’s the random gear used: Tuesday was all Nikon, and Wed was all Sigma cameras.  I pretty much left most of the Sigma files as how the camera shot it, wonky white balance and everything.  But to be honest I like the variety of color shifts.  As always, exif data can be looked at in my photos if you’re curious as to what camera/lens shot what.

The okame cherry trees are pretty much peak, the daffodils as well, some magnolias, and my favorite peach tree blossoms are getting there.  The yoshino cherry trees have just now barely sprouted.

Yes I do shoot at apertures other than f/1.4 from time to time. 🙂

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