Summerour Atlanta Wedding – G&C – 12.03.2023

For this wedding I made a personal recap book, an 8×6″ Flush Mount with matte velvet paper.  I think it looks pretty nice!  The paper is a bit more expensive than the normal lustre paper, but the fact that it doesn’t show any reflections and can be viewed/photographed from any direction is great.  The vertical […]

J&N – Willow Falls Resort – Blue Ridge, GA

– J & N Wedding –Willow Falls Resort  |  Blue Ridge, GA  |  March 25, 2023 Photos by: Boon VongEk Vong Hi everyone, just wanted to share a few main photos, bts images, and thoughts on the lovely wedding from last Saturday.  I know I usually just post photos one after another, but here are […]

Huong and Daniel – 10-12-2019 – “They Met at Sweet Hut” :)

Our Lady of Vietnam  | Riverdale, GA26 Thai Kitchen and Bar  |  Atlanta, GA   Congrats and thanks for the invite!  Great couple, unique reception location, and delicious food.  (If only all weddings were this easy going.)  Hope everyone enjoyed my candid photos from the perspective of a guest!! 😉  See you at KFT next […]

T&T Wedding

Candid shots and portraits from the T&T Vietnamese wedding. Supplemental images to the DSLR video we were shooting. Locations: Stone Mountain, Norcross, and Happy Valley.

L&J: Pre Wedding

Notes: Almost a full day of shooting on this test run.  Thanks to everyone who came out and stuck it out through the warm weather.  Luckily the sakura and other trees were in bloom, and I tried to make the best out of local spots, from up the street to across town.  Another camera juggling fest as well, and […]

S&B Wedding

Tech Notes: The images above are samples of the photos I shot inbetween capturing DSLR video, which was a juggling of multiple cameras and the Steadicam Merlin setup, which you either have to hand hold all day or lay down on the floor somewhere.  Moving pictures is nice and all, but sometimes a still photo says much more. Behind the […]

Today Was A Fairytale

Notes: …inbetween snaps I think about it, I sing the songs in my head, the ones that in any other situation, sitting in traffic or sitting on the couch, get drowned out by other concerns, but at the right time, it works, it tugs, it pulls, it makes you aware of the moment, the ones […]

Alles Gute! J&T Wedding

…liebe… Notes: …Editing most of the photos while listening to “Disintegration” by the Cure, yeah, “Plainsong” sure makes me think of stuff…Thanks for letting me be a part of your day…

Photos: R&N Pre Wedding

Notes: Weather has been unusually pleasant this week, and that made me forget how much colder the mountain top can be.  Rushed the entire day, and barely made it to my spots.  Lucky for us, there was a nice couple with a truck full of friendly doggies and puppies, one of which made for a […]

Photos: M&S Hindu Wedding

Notes: It was an honor photographing such a lavish wedding.  Covered the family events as well, and it was interesting seeing all the little ceremonies that have been practiced for centuries.  Amazes me how cultures can assimilate so well in America, yet still hold on to their own language, music and traditions.  Managed to use […]