Nikon 10mm f/2.8 1 Series Review and Sample Photos

I was one of the early adopters of the Nikon 1 system way back in 2011 I think?  My first impressions/review is still up and gets hits every now and then.  Nikon discontinued the unpopular system for many reasons, but I still kept using mine, because there’s this malleability about these (if not all) Nikon […]


Notes: “Team Neekon” for when we take photos…and “Team Jobless” for when we battle in Fat Princess!! ūüôā


Notes: All the snow in the Southeast is a bother, but it sure does look good in photos.¬†¬†The Sun as¬†the best and only¬†light, and the icy landscape as a big reflector. I keep on forgetting to use the Lumiquest Softbox III.¬† It’s small and easily fits into my bag.¬† Combined with the sunlight, the results […]

Ring Light

Model: Frannie MUA / Hair: Nhi Lighting Assistance¬†and Props: BRC and PT I draw, I take photos, I write about it.¬† Thanks to the team for all the help.¬† Thanks to BRC for letting me take¬†his ABR800 ring light out for a test drive.¬† It definitely produces some¬†blinding light.¬† Even shooting through its “portal” has […]

The Graduate

Congrats!…the real world isn’t what you imagine…


  Notes: Pix by Misa and me :), Nikon CLS strobist stuff and Capture NX as usual…


Notes: Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GA.  More Photos coming soon.


Technical Notes: Stylist and MUA: Nhi, Trying out a couple of different ideas all at once for this shoot.¬† Obviously the goal is to have fun, and supply flattering images for people, but learning the strengths of weaknesses of different¬†gear is always a tertiary goal.¬† Natural light low ISO is in the wheelhouse of the […]

Photos: Von

Notes: Thanks Von and Thip for the spur of the moment photo shoot…hair, make up, and location¬†by them…me, I just show up and click a button. ūüėé

Photos: Random 85mm 1.4 Tests

Technical Notes: Random tests of the Nikon 85mm f/1.4, first impressions are: ¬†it’s not as versatile as the 105mm 2.8 VR Micro for portraits, definitely not as sharp wide open, and the minimum focus distance is limiting, but the bokeh is¬†quite “painterly.”¬† DOF is so shallow at 1.4 that you can definitely “buzz” a person […]

Photos: D3

Here are some photos of my new friend, the D3.¬† No, not the Nikon (I wish…), but a foldable bicycle, the¬†Dahon Curve D3. ūüôā Best thing about this bike is that it folds into something that can fit in my trunk.¬† And I’ve gotten compliments from random strangers as well as lil’ chillren that want […]

Atlanta Model/Photo Meetup

Photos from the recent Atlanta Model/Photography Meetup | May, 2008. Been meaning to come out for a shootout for some time, but they’re always on a weekend, and of course I’m always¬†goofing off on those days.¬†Everyone did a great job, and it was¬†fun shooting with people from different backgrounds and skill levels.¬† I know we’re […]

Photos: Macon Cherry Blossoms

Macon, Georgia is one of the cherry¬†tree capitals of the world.¬† If you guys go down now, you can still catch the beauty of the city, with nearly every single block covered in the distinct white and pink blossoms.¬† If only the city of Atlanta adopted an urban renewal plan that reflected the South’s original […]