Drink and Draw – Distillery of Modern Art – Chamblee

Drink and Draw – Distillery of Modern Art – Chamblee, GA October 19, 2023 Thanks to the cosplayers for posing and Momocon for organizing.  I definitely like quiet events like this closer to home. I’m still very rusty and need to get back to drawing! Here are some bonus photos from a mini walk around […]

Figure Drawing – Alpharetta – 2023-08-15

Man I’m out of shape figure drawing-wise, but so glad there was a figure drawing session up in Alpharetta last night on a Tuesday!  I think that day might work out better for me and hopefully I can budget out the time and funds to attend more.  Lots of talented folks in this group.  Great […]

Drawing – 02-02-2021

So this is actually one of my more effective styles of rendering a portrait.  Drawing on toned paper with two charcoal pencils (white and black) is something I can do pretty fast.  Much quicker than the drawings in my previous posts.  Many years ago I drew on Canson Ingres and Bisque and just found that […]

Drawing – 02-01-2021

It’s been so cold and ugly outside that there’s really no point in leaving the house.  For today’s drawing I thought I would do one of my favorite styles/media which is compressed charcoal drawing/renderings on stonehenge paper.  After all these years it’s still a pretty hard combo.  Since you really can’t erase any of the […]

rosemary, heaven restores you in life

Charcoal Pencil on Stonehenge Paper Notes: I’ve always taken these art progression photos from the seated position that I draw from.  That produces an image with a skewed perspective, but I’ve never liked the bird’s eye view type of shot for drawings.  I might as well throw it on the scanner for that.  Like most […]

The Scientist

“…Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry, You don’t know how lovely you are…”

Figure Drawing – 5-18-2011 – Atlanta Artists Center

Notes: Atlanta Artists Center.  Charcoal on newsprint.  Male model reminded me of Perseus from Greek mythology.  As for the drawings, like a ballplayer, I had an off night tonight, maybe going something like 2 for 4, had other things on my mind.

Figure Drawing – 4-20-2011 – Atlanta Artists Center

Notes: Some quick sketches from tonight’s figure drawing session.  Not really a class, but just time to sit and draw, reevaluate where you are in life.  I don’t know how to do PHP coding, I don’t know marketing strategies, I don’t know a bunch of things that you can put down on a fake resume.  […]

Figure Drawing – 1-5-2011 – Atlanta Artists Center

Notes: Some quick drawings from tonight.  I actually prefer drawing from male models.  Reason there hasn’t been hardly any postings featuring them is because every single session I’ve been to has had female models.  Harsh lighting on the male physique works better.  Even if the form isn’t as physically fit as an athlete, you will usually […]