Hello! Sabaidee! Konnichiwa!

Thank you for visiting my website!  I’m an artist/photographer from the metro Atlanta, GA area.  I’ve been drawing since I was a kid, and have enjoyed photographing people and places for over 25 years.

In my childhood days I would doodle and get lost in my stack of comic books and fantasy novels.  In high school my sketchbook had the required scribblings dedicated to crushes.  In my college years I entertained the idea of fine art.  I guess I’ve lived long enough to realize that the truest art is in the experience of living, not so much the type of work that you create.  These days my creative journey includes hanging out with friends, taking pictures, and enjoying spontaneous adventures.


Random and Useless Trivia About Me:

Favorite Art Tools: Charcoal Pencil and Stonehenge Paper
Favorite Movies/Shows: “Kiki’s Delivery Service” | “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” | “Up” | “Safety Not Guaranteed” | “Winter Soldier” | “Sing Street” | “The Greatest Showman” | “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (Strange New Worlds is great too) | “Aladdin” | “Master and Commander” | “House of Flying Daggers” | “Soul” | “Back to the Future” | “The Fast and the Furious” (the first one of course) | 80’s and 90’s Anime | The entire MCU!! | Reservation Dogs
Some Favorite Music: DJ Shadow “Endtroducing” | The Cure “Disintegration” | Matthew Sweet “100% Fun” | Dustin O’Halloran “Vorleben” | “Sing Street!!” | New Order | Wild Nothing | Michael Jackson | MXPX | The Smiths | Smashing Pumpkins | Zwan | 60’s Rock | 70’s Soul | 80’s Pop and Rock | 90’s Alternative | Late 90’s Trance | 2000’s Pop Punk | The amazing 80’s-90’s Freestyle megamixes they play at Lao partays | (Angry Metal music, Monster Ballads, Sad R&B quietstorm music, breakup music, Rap music, Country music, Synthwave–seriously I listen to everything and honestly think that music might be the highest art form)
Favorite Lenses: 35mm f/1.8 | 50mm f/1.4 | 85mm f/1.4 | 105mm f/1.4E | 70-200mm f/2.8
Favorite Books: “The Little Prince” | “The Amazing Spider-Man #248” | “All Star Superman” (pretty much all the comic books that I gave away years ago…) | “Tao of Jeet Kune Do”
Favorite Food: Lao, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, American Country food, Pakistani/Indian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese–Actually I like all food, this section would be way too long
Best Video Games Ever: Zelda 3: A Link to the Past | Castlevania: Symphony of the Night | Final Fantasy Tactics | Spelunky | Soul Calibur | Tekken | Bloodborne | Dark Souls | Klonoa | Elden Ring | Hades | Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo | Street Fighter 3
Formal Education: BFA Drawing and Painting – The University of Georgia

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(These are some really old interviews/pages, but I thought I would repost them to share! I don’t think much has changed in my world view on things, just glad to still be alive and still pursuing this art thing. 🙂 )

Boon Vong