Chin National Day 2022 and Miss CND – Atlanta

74th Chin National Day

February 19, 2022 | Gujarati Samaj | Tucker, GA

Thanks again for the invite to CND.  I had a great time covering the event.  I feel like my main goal is to always paint the prettiest picture for the various Asian community events here in metro Atlanta.  There’s so much to see and experience and hopefully the blending of cultures can make folks realize we have more in common than different.  Speaking from my own Lao immigrant story, it does uplift me when I see friendships between different races and ethnicities.  Reminds me of the kindness given to us all those years ago.

So anyways, here are a bunch of photos from my perspective, the guy with the 3 cameras. 😉  I’m glad I wasn’t a judge this year, as it would have been really tough! Everyone’s answers were really spot on.  This lovely community of vibrant youth is like our own Lao one, but retold in this century.  Thanks to everyone for posing!

All Photos by Boon Vong, feel free share the post on your own accounts but with proper credit.  Anyone needing photos in the future LMK!


It was so nice seeing the traditional garb from the Hakha, Zotung, Zomi, Zo, Mindat, Matu et al. (Did I get that right?  I tried my best listening and also got help from the internet) 🙂

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