Johns Creek International Festival 2022 Photos

Here are some of my photos of the Johns Creek Intl Festival from this past Saturday 4-30-22.  Thanks to all who posed for photos! Everyone did a great job on stage.  I definitely enjoyed the music from the School of Rock (The covers of “Rebel Yell” and “Bullet with Bufferfly Wings” was crazy!).  There was a bbq vendor right next to the stage and the smoke actually added to the concert vibe. 😎 I was only there til about 3:15pm before I had to rush off to cover an event in Roswell, but it looked liked a very good turnout.  Festival season is definitely roaring back here in Georgia, with every town and community having something almost every weekend.  It was nice meeting everyone!

Gear Used: I rolled with a D600, X100, AND an ancient Konica Minolta 5D that I added last week.  Combined with the small 70-210 f/4 it really worked out.  That camera produces some really nice jpegs!  Imagine how things would have been different if this wasn’t the last DSLR they made, and they didn’t sell their tech to Sony back in 2006. 


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