Hanging Out – 2022-05-14

When the Apple Photos app makes curated memories from the camera roll, it likes to title most things of mine, “Hanging Out.” Which is great because that’s definitely tops on my list of fun things to do.  Here’s what we ended up doing after the multicultural festival at the mall, come take a drive with us around metro Atlanta!

Gear Used: Lots of random cameras! Nikon+Lens Baby and good ol’ 50mm 1.8D, Sony A7 and kit lens, Canon RP and 24-105mm, Sigma SD15 and manual focus 55mm 1.4

Guava drink is the best!!

Chicken 65, Chicken Jalfrazi x 2, and Cabbage Curry

On the second Saturday of each month is the Tucker cruise in.  I think I might just go to this instead of Caffeine and Octane.  While that super show is still cool, the highway construction/destruction around Perimeter is a bit much and just has bad vibes.  Hopefully they’ll get that part of Atlanta straightened out.  But I like having cars with a background instead of just a parking lot.  Plus there’s places to eat here, not to mention the quality of cars is like museum/Gran Turismo quality.

I remember uncles, brothers, and cousins having these Toyota Supras back in the day.  I didn’t quite get the muscle car look back then, but I think I could see rocking one of these in the future.  Time is the great curator.  It works with vintage film cameras and cars of course.  What they lack in modern comfort and tech they definitely have the iconic head turning looks in spades.

That typeface is really slick too. Clean, legible with a sense of class and style.

This Celica was my star of the show.  And just like with vintage videogames, you gotta have the instruction manual as well.

I remember that 4 in the floor Corvette in the BG being insanely powerful in the Gran Turismo games.  Cameras and cars are almost the same thing, you can rock almost anything if you know their strengths, or just like driving/using them.

Using the Sigma SD15 and manual M42 lens today was hard, not going to lie. But I wanted to get material for an upcoming post on my thoughts of using this difficult, frustrating, and “rare” camera.

Tucker is not far from downtown Clarkston, which was actually somewhat busy today.  The coffee shop had lots of patrons and folks were perusing the free wares in the community fridge.

I’ve loved guava drink since I was a kid.  I’ll always have memories of going to the tiny Asian store with my dad and I got to pick out a drink.  I think back then 2 or 3 quarters would pay for the drink.  Sometimes the shop owner, Mr. John, would just let me have the drink on the house.  That was very nice of him.

Casey’s choice of Lychee was a great one.  Super sweet with the pulp of the fruit.  The passion fruit drink, I kinda liked.  It skewed a bit towards the grass jelly side of flavor, much more tame than what they put in the sugary bubble teas in our area.

There’s going to be a Refuge coffee in downtown Norcross, along with a rooftop burger joint coming soon.  One of Clarkston’s charms has always been that it’s been a haven and starting ground for many waves of refugees and immigrants.

It’s crazy how much the area around Oakland cemetery has changed in the past decade.  One block over is the Best Buy and super Kroger and a bunch of lofts enclosing it in.  In the front is a new restaurant and see to folks playing cornhole is a nice sight.

Some would say, why go to a cemetery to walk around, but this one is more like a leisure stroll through a garden.  With lots of flowers and more shade than the ones in New Orleans.

While we were on the bridge we met a nice couple that just got engaged and I met a fellow Lao person!  I guess we’re not that rare these days. 🙂

I remembered to bring my Nikon mount Lens Baby! Yeah the look is gimmicky and gets tiring after a few shots, but it does have a very cool Euphoria look in video mode.

Vintage Pizzeria. Casey’s choice: Carmen’s Own – Mozarella and Basil on thin crust, with pepperoni and black olives (oh yes!)

We also met a nice couple from Nashville just passing through on their way to Hilton Head SC.  The gentleman was Chinese from China and asked if I could take their photos since they rarely had couple’s photos.  Of course, happy to oblige!  Nice to see him rocking the D800 and 24-70mm 2.8.

I forgot how good the Nikon 50mm 1.8D is on full frame.  I shot it on crop for so many years back in the early days of the D70 18(?!) years ago, but with proper editing this lens is one of the best sub $100 lenses anyone can get.  The flaring that causes contrast loss might be a problem for some, but all can be fixed in post if you shoot raw. Not that unique lens flare though, which I like.

Nikon D600 and 50mm 1.8D

Sigma SD15 and 55mm 1.4 M42 Auto Sears

Sigma SD15 and 55mm 1.4 M42 Auto Sears

So I have 4 Sigma cameras, and this one is the most user friendly of the bunch, but my goodness the results are all over the place. I’m all for supporting odd and unique digital cameras, because variety is the spice of life, but this one has been an experience for sure.

Once again the award for MVP camera from today was the Instax Square!  I’m glad they came out with this camera a few years back because the size perfectly fits in my side Hedgren bag, along with my promo books.  The Instax Wide, while nice, is actually pretty bulky and needs a separate bag of its own.  The cooler white balance and way that it blows out skin tones, even dark Asian complexions like mine, just have a neat look that almost everyone is surprised at.  I left the house with 7 shots remaining, gave one to the Korean Drummer ladies, 1 to the nice couple that we met on Jackson Street Bridge that literally just got engaged, and of course 4 nice ones for us.

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