Fujifilm S5 Pro – Sample Photos

So I added another “old” camera to the lineup this past month, a Fujifilm S5 Pro!  I’d always wanted this camera since about 2006 or 2007 but I had a Nikon D200 at the time so this camera was always on the get it later when it’s cheap wish list.  Now that time has made almost all DSLR’s relatively affordable I’ve been buying a lot recently.  Some of the cameras I’ve gotten cost less than a roll of film believe it or not.

Anyways this particular S5 was definitely used a lot.  It’s one of the few (only?) DSLR’s that has a counter that keeps track of the shutter clicks in the system menu.  Before me this one had been used a crazy 195,000+ times, well beyond the suggested shutter/timing belt replacement time.

I say it to folks all the time, the similarities between cameras and cars is pretty neat when you think about it.  Young folks want the older JDM cars even with all their maintenance problems because the designs are just slick and timeless.  This camera here is a Fuji engine and software inside a Nikon chassis and lens mount.  I know phones are still all the rage, but once they’ve come to peak performance and usefulness, maybe folks will return to the clackety clack goodness of DSLR’s.  After the film resurgence, it’s only logical that DSLR’s and early point and shoot digital will be part of the “vintage” aesthetic.  I never thought I’d say that about digital cameras with sensors that technically never ages and is as good/bad as when it first came out, but here we are in 2022.

The following are some photos I’ve taken with this camera in the last month.  I think I’ll stop using the word “review” in all my stuff to hold back the wrath of silly folks on the internet.  Just some images from fun events as my 3rd option in the loadout.  Every camera and lens out there is great, don’t believe the internet.

This really is the digital equivalent of Fuji Superia 400 film.  Without all the grain of course!

Bonus Photos:

The other day I remembered that Phalatda had a Fuji S5 back in our Vietnamese concert photography days.  I went back and re edited some of his photos, these are from 2016-2017.  The S5 definitely struggled in low light situations and fast moving situations, but it managed to capture some good memories when we gave it enough light.  Those were fun times looking back.

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