Momocon 2022 Photos and a walk around Atlanta

This past Memorial Day weekend was full of events down here in Atlanta.  Almost too much and the traffic proved it.  Here’s a few of the things one could have attended on Saturday alone: Jazz Fest at Piedmont Park, Momocon, an Atlanta United game, Caribbean Festival in Central Park, a Vegan food festival, an R&B Concert, a hot air balloon event out at the Gwinnett Fairgrounds, and supposedly the return of Hot Import Nights(?!).  Just crazy!  It’s always good to know what’s going on around town if only for traffic reasons.

Here’s how we spent a few hours on Saturday, walking around Atlanta for a bit and hanging out outside of Momocon taking photos of really nice cosplayers.  Glad the show is back in full force.  Hopefully next year I’ll get to attend the whole time.

Also I remember the early days of Momocon at the GaTech student center, those old photos should still be up here via this tag!

Onward to my photos:

The first thing I wanted to do was see the work of an artist named Chris Veal at Cat Eye Creative art gallery on Mitchell Street.  The style and themes is something I resonate with, because actually I used to do that type of pop art social commentary work back in school and for my personal work over the years.  So I can definitely see the enjoyment that comes through the paintings, when an idea pops in your head and the message has to be made real.  Maybe one day I’d like to get back into my art, but there’s plenty to do in the world of photography at the moment.

The gallery is off Mitchell street in the older part of Atlanta down from Friedman’s shoes.  This part of town has plenty of textures and colors for general architectural photos or model shoots.

So here’s some of the artwork that I really enjoyed.  (Also thanks to the nice guy minding the gallery and telling us about the future event at the space.)

I really like the Waffle House piece and think it’s a strong image. Quirky, fun, not so serious and I’m sure will bring folks lots of joy.  My art is mostly figure drawings and portraits, but believe me, my doodles are all over the map with ideas similar to this collection.

The quotes on the wall made me chuckle too, as it brought back memories of my “era.”  When I first had a webpage back in the day, it was also a dumping ground of my random art.  That’s where I got my first dose of being “flamed,” as in when someone sends you a random message like “dude your stuff sucks loser.”  I also remember back then deciding that I really liked my webpages to be things that you could scroll and scroll and read with lots of different content.  Until I was told otherwise in a message that said something like (I’m recalling from memory here), “first of all your webpage is one big scrolling nightmare. you need to break it up and put navigation pages and link backs and you know if it’s ‘under construction’ then label it so”  Hmm, funny how in 2022 everyone is viewing one big infinite scrolling feed/advertisement with no problems.

Good ol’ internet. Glad to see it’s still as mean as ever in this new age. /s

But I really liked this art and thought it really worked as a set.  The clean linework that recalls ink brush lines is obviously something I’m familiar with as well as the flat primary colors.  The puns on current trends and addictions are great.

So I’m glad we got to check out the gallery.  Lots of strong work from other artists as well.  If anyone would like to go see the work, just google Cat Eye Creative.  Parking is right out front, $2 an hour and there’s a lot to see and photograph in this historic area.

This part of Atlanta is where they filmed some scenes of the Disney+ show “Ms. Marvel,” and is a stand in for Jersey City.

So here begins the Momocon part of the post! It was a pretty nice day weather wise and the walk from the gallery to the dome area wasn’t bad at all.

Thanks to every Cosplayer who graciously posed for photos for me!  Much appreciated, feel free to save the images and use for however you want, seriously.  I’m not even that big on credit on things like this.  Again, seriously. It’s always been about a collab event and having fun with photos.

My theme of giving away an Instax square film shot is getting a bit expensive, but it’s really fun! Thanks again ladies!

Even though there was so much to see and do in Atlanta food was calling so dinner was back in Gwinnett.  Can you believe this 3 item combo of sweet and sour beef, spicy seafood soup and black noodles is only $34?!!  Insane and delicious!

So that’s it for Saturday.  Next post will be some photos of Momocon from Sunday.  Again, I only got to hang out outside because I had work later in the day, but I think we got some good photos of the super nice cosplayers.

Click some of the tags or search my site for all my old cosplay photos from over the years.  You might find images of yourself!

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