Gwinnett Multicultural Fest 2022

Gwinnett Place Mall | Saturday, May 14, 2022

Stopped by for about an hour before heading off on a fun adventure around town, but I’m glad Gwinnett county had a festival to showcase our diversity.  Here’s hoping once they decide on what to do with the old mall that it will be a nice inviting spot to hang out, eat and take pictures.  While we have so many amenities here, it’s actually very hard to find places that hit all those check marks in my opinion.  It still takes good luck and planning to make places that just resonate with people.  On the lower level I speak in terms of restaurants, and on the larger scale things like Ponce, Virginia Highlands, Downtown Norcross–some places are just more popular than others.

Anyways enough of that, here are some photos with my mostly unused camera gear: a Sony DSLR, A7, Fuji Instax SQ, and Sigma SD15.  Again the theme this year is to use all my oddball gear and save the main Nikons and Canons for work stuff.  It’s a challenge for sure, using gear without top notch lenses, batteries that give out quickly or die outright, and no buffer whatsoever.  If this were video game terms it’s just me practicing with lower tier fighting game characters.

Thanks to these young Korean ladies for remembering me from the Vietnamese New Year event! Last group shot was the Olympus Stylus, so only fitting to get another one on the instant Fujifilm.

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