Caffeine and Octane

Notes: This is what Caffeine and Octane looks like at about 8 in the morning.  Already busy with lots of people snapping images of a crazy collection of classics, exotics and whatever just came out on the market.  Being “lower class citizens,” not many of us creative types will ever be able to even live in the more affluent areas, much less own a car that costs more than our homes.  Oh well.  There are some cultures that believe you can’t control 4 things: when you are born, when you are going to die, what you’ll end up doing for a career, and if you will be a rich man or a poor man.  As the car show gets more popular, at least I would hope that it instills in the younger car enthusiasts that you have to keep your car clean.  Inside and out.  No matter what brand you champion, old or new, expensive or not, a clean car speaks volumes.  It’s funny, seeing all these cars out of place in the landscape of America.  The designs of classic Mustangs recall cinema and a different time and even color, but modern America with its bland landscapes of billboards of powerlines don’t do justice to any of the old design genius.  Different colored flickering street lights and dirty roads really make all these cars stick out.  America surely is behind on forward thinking architecture and urban planning.

Again, with all the spectators, it’s hard to take a decent photo of the cars without resorting to a wide angle lens, which distorts the lines of these sculptures.  So I just focused on colors and details as usual.  The find of the day had to have been a normal old RX-7 from the ’80’s.  On closer inspection, resting on the center console was a cassette tape–Def Leppard’s Hysteria (a true classic I might add). Yes, keeping it real. 🙂


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