Caffeine and Octane – 7-6-14 – In Infrared

Notes: Running out of ideas to shoot at the increasingly more crowded car show this month, so dusted off the infrared Sigma.  Black and white conversions with a Nikon Red filter as usual.  While it is fun to see the expensive and exotic machinery, I think it’s better as a social commentary about the relative wealth in this small select portion of Georgia.  What’s crazy is, no matter the ride you bring in, there’s always someone that wants to be the alpha even more, the highest primate on the top most branch.  At least that’s what goes on in my head, as I look up said tree.  There are some that believe in the stoned ape theory, that proto humans came down out of the trees and began eating mind opening/altering plantlife and fungi.  I remember when we were young and in high school, it didn’t matter what car we were in when we would do our roadtrip philosophy adventures.  Driving and the freedom and liberation associated with it is definitely a big part of being American.  Too bad the pains of commuting and traffic has all but destroyed the feelings we had of that first car.

I did manage one color photo of this classic Ferrari.


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