Tucker Cruise In – 2023-08-12

Man it’s been hot and humid this summer.  Here are some photos from this month’s Tucker Cruise In.  There are two more left this year.  I only brought along the Fuji GFX and Sigma SD15, and treated both like film cameras.

Sigma SD15

The Sigma SD15 raw file had some crazy yellowish color cast, but the sharpness and end result is pretty nice.  The GFX however just delivers amazing consistent color, frame after frame.  Depending on your usage the SD15 can really hold its own, but to go through 100 randomly inconsistent .x3f’s would be maddening. 


My pick of the show: a Toyota Celica GT

GFX 100% 1080 Crop

Sigma SD15

Sigma SD15

Bonus Photos from later that day.  It rained (as usual) in the late afternoon, but cleared up an hour before sunset.  Which obviously means a great sunset.  Might not be very colorful in your particular neighborhood, but drive down an exit or two and there’s usually some color that I can use.  Here are some shots of a friend’s WRX.  Numeric-Alpha has always been the way to name cameras and cars.

The SD15 in Vivid mode is just plain bad in my opinion. The camera already meters so hot even at manual -.7 EV comp, and this mode just makes highlights clip even worse

And yes, photos taken at sunset right in front of our “Stranger Things” mall!

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