Caffeine and Octane – 6-1-2014

Notes:  Not too much to share here, just another quick outing at this month’s car show.  There was a gentleman there using a RED Epic Mysterium-X and clever use of a skate board dolly.  I just rolled with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, which in my opinion can crank out the same level of quality, of course only for 1080 screens.  Best of show had to have been the Topspeed R8.  This past show brought to light that the nonsensical brand allegiance in the world of cars is far worse than in the world of cameras (and it’s pretty bad).  Canon vs Nikon, m4/3 vs FF, Ferrari vs Lamborghini, Import vs Domestic, blah blah blah.  Again, no one ever talks brands when it comes to pencils, pens, and crayons.

Screengrab from color graded 1080p ProRes from the PCC, remember these aren’t pictures, just a pause in the video stream

Aside from these downscaled JPEG’s, I don’t think there’s much purpose in trying to convey the sheer image quality of these digital cinema cameras online by posting said videos to the streaming sites.  It’s really something you have to view in its native format, RAW, ProRes, or DNxHD, hooked up to your own tv.  There’s just too much compression online, which affects things like color range and motion cadence, since those sites have to find some manageable way of squeezing all those pixels down.  They are free sites after all, and the bandwidth needed for a 1 minute 1.8 GB PCC video is a bit much.  Watching my “home movies” at or near their closest original format is pretty neat.

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