Canon EOS RP and Nikon 35mm 1.8G DX

Here are the actual images shot with the combo pictured above: Totally unrelated to the above, but here are some examples from figure drawing in Alpharetta the other night (also shot with the 35mm on the RP).  I’m really out of practice, and jumped into drawing without even holding a piece of charcoal for like […]

Made with Mischief: Microsoft Surface Pro as a Drawing Tablet

About a year ago I finally found a great digital sketchbook setup that I feel comfortable using:  a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and the Mischief drawing program.  It is pressure sensitive with the included pen (which requires no charging) and the graphics program supports layers.  The most unique thing about this program is that it […]

rosemary, heaven restores you in life

Charcoal Pencil on Stonehenge Paper Notes: I’ve always taken these art progression photos from the seated position that I draw from.  That produces an image with a skewed perspective, but I’ve never liked the bird’s eye view type of shot for drawings.  I might as well throw it on the scanner for that.  Like most […]

Rosy Too

Art in Progress, (Hello Kitty) Pencil on Strathmore Maybe I should draw portraits of certain people in my phone and use it for their caller id…too bad no one really calls anymore though…

Just Peachy…

Art in progress, pencil on Strathmore…gives me something to do while I reflect on life and listen to Debussy on repeat. 🙂

i h♥te u

“…Some people wanna fill the world with silly love songs. And what’s wrong with that?” 🙂

Blind Emboss Letterpress

The linoleum and EZ carve experience didn’t go well, but in my wanderings around the web and on the roads, it led me to the world of custom Letterpress templates and an eye opening trip to the scrapbooking store.  Yes, scrapbooking.

4th and Long

It’s rather silly to put our own temporary happiness in things we can’t control, but we all do it. The high that we get from a victory that we did nothing to contribute to, and the absolute despair that comes from losing a simple football game.