Blind Emboss Letterpress

The linoleum and EZ carve experience didn’t go well, but in my wanderings around the web and on the roads, it led me to the world of custom Letterpress templates and an eye opening trip to the scrapbooking store.  Yes, scrapbooking.

4th and Long

It’s rather silly to put our own temporary happiness in things we can’t control, but we all do it. The high that we get from a victory that we did nothing to contribute to, and the absolute despair that comes from losing a simple football game.

Kodak DC 210 vs Nikon vs Canon vs — Does it even matter anymore?

The first digital cameras I used were the school’s Sony Mavicas that stored images on floppy discs and the Apple Quicktakes.  It wasn’t until the affordable Kodaks came out that I finally got one of my own. My dad bought me that Kodak DC 210.  It was on discount for about $400+.  I was in […]

18 x 24: iPad as a Digital Portfolio

Thoughts on custom tailoring my various tablets for presenting work, and finally putting a stop to traditional printed portfolio binders. On a DIY aluminum stand.

Hey Kids!! Comics!!

When we were in high school, most of the art kids wanted to draw comics. We thought it would be so cool, if any of us got into the industry. Most of us parted ways after high school. Some got married, others ended up working in the factories and restaurants, but all gave up on the silly dream. In looking back at our work, I remember more the friendships than the awful images we created.


Well…I guess this is one way to end a series or body of work.  First off I would like to apologize to anyone affected or traumatized by fire, it just felt like good closure to get rid of the weight of these drawings by turning some of them into ashes. Please don’t think that I’m […]

M no.5

Pencil on Strathmore Paper

Figure Drawing – 5-25-2011

Notes: Atlanta Artists Center, Charcoal on Newsprint, which I think will be my main medium from now on.  It’s simple and affordable, with a good texture.

The Scientist

“…Come up to meet you, tell you I’m sorry, You don’t know how lovely you are…”

Figure Drawing – 5-18-2011 – Atlanta Artists Center

Notes: Atlanta Artists Center.  Charcoal on newsprint.  Male model reminded me of Perseus from Greek mythology.  As for the drawings, like a ballplayer, I had an off night tonight, maybe going something like 2 for 4, had other things on my mind.

Figure Drawing – 4-20-2011 – Atlanta Artists Center

Notes: Some quick sketches from tonight’s figure drawing session.  Not really a class, but just time to sit and draw, reevaluate where you are in life.  I don’t know how to do PHP coding, I don’t know marketing strategies, I don’t know a bunch of things that you can put down on a fake resume.  […]

Art in Progress: Misa

…I guess I’m back…forgot how much I missed it, just sitting on the floor listening to music and drawing, not really thinking of the image itself, just everything that surrounds it…


The slight changes to the site are to better accommodate the iPad (and most of my gadgets) as a presentation device for my artwork and photo portfolio.  The always free and awesome WordPress and various plugins will have to do until I figure out some code for swipe based navigation.  Apple’s lack of Flash support is one of […]

Figure Drawing – 1-5-2011 – Atlanta Artists Center

Notes: Some quick drawings from tonight.  I actually prefer drawing from male models.  Reason there hasn’t been hardly any postings featuring them is because every single session I’ve been to has had female models.  Harsh lighting on the male physique works better.  Even if the form isn’t as physically fit as an athlete, you will usually […]