Made with Mischief: Microsoft Surface Pro as a Drawing Tablet

About a year ago I finally found a great digital sketchbook setup that I feel comfortable using:  a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and the Mischief drawing program.  It is pressure sensitive with the included pen (which requires no charging) and the graphics program supports layers.  The most unique thing about this program is that it is vector/object based, meaning it has infinite zoom capabilities!  This isn’t traditional object oriented drawing like in Illustrator with bezier curves, nope this is full on drawing with tools that look like traditional mark making ones.  For those that don’t know about the inherent differences between pixel based and vector based drawings, well this is like the best of both worlds.  Small file sizes, a crazy amount of zooming ability, but most importantly, this program actually reproduces strokes that look very organic, something that even other pixel based programs struggle to duplicate.  Such a slick program and one of the best things I’ve ever purchased just for myself.  Just imagine if my younger teenage self had a tool this amazing to practice on…  Alas, present day me just needs to find more time/motivation to use it more!


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