Drawing – 01-29-2021

Colored Pencil on Stonehenge paper

I bought a pack of 24 colored pencils from Publix for $5 and thought I would do a quick drawing tonight.  (I hadn’t drawn with this media in a long time, and I couldn’t remember where my old Berol Verithins disappeared to.)  The checkout line was delayed a bit, a lady didn’t have enough in her account to pay for her items.  When I got home and sat at the desk scribbling and listening to my playlists I thought about the hard situations back in the day and how they’re still the same in the present.  When we were fresh refugees in this country I think a luxury like colored pencils or colorful cereal boxes would not have made it into the shopping cart.  Drawing, and all art for that matter, hasn’t ever really payed the bills, but for many it is an escape and a time for reflecting.

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