Drawing – 01-28-2021

#2 Graphite on Strathmore Paper.

Photographed with the ancient Sigma SD10. Detail still really holds up on such an old digital camera with a unique sensor. It definitely can see marks that wouldn’t be picked up by normal Canons and Nikons etc.  The 50mm macro lens that I have has some serious autofocus issues and I’ve had to manually focus it for almost every picture.  No problem, except that the mirror and manual focus system is also out of calibration so that causes some really out of focus images.  It also has some serious dust issues on the sensor that shows up past f/5.6.  Oh well, all of my various cameras have strengths and weaknesses or things that bug me.

Animated Gif from BMPCC Time Lapse.  It’s crazy how I have to record a 4GB clip just to cut that down to a 20MB clip and then output that to a 1.5MB Gif for these posts.  All that just to have something for show and tell today.

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