The slight changes to the site are to better accommodate the iPad (and most of my gadgets) as a presentation device for my artwork and photo portfolio.  The always free and awesome WordPress and various plugins will have to do until I figure out some code for swipe based navigation.  Apple’s lack of Flash support is one of […]

Figure Drawing – 1-5-2011 – Atlanta Artists Center

Notes: Some quick drawings from tonight.  I actually prefer drawing from male models.  Reason there hasn’t been hardly any postings featuring them is because every single session I’ve been to has had female models.  Harsh lighting on the male physique works better.  Even if the form isn’t as physically fit as an athlete, you will usually […]

Figure Drawing – 11-10-2010 – Atlanta Artists Center

Notes: Charcoal on Canson Ingres. 40min.  I’m rusty, haven’t drawn from life in a while.  Most of my figure drawings I still do while sitting on the floor and peering up at the model on an elevated stand.  This can create some difficult angles to render, but the advantage is that you can be mobile, while everyone […]

Same as it ever was…

A Photo Essay about the change in the technology that we use to create and share, but not a change in how we view the things most important to us.

Art in Progress: Victoria

Notes: Messing around with Sketchbook Pro on the iPad…perhaps this will get me back into the groove…

Summer Camp

H.A.G.S! (Have a Great Summer!) Thanks to LAS for again organizing the Kid’s mini summer camp.  Also thanks to Wat Lao Buddhakhanti for allowing us the space to teach and play.


Notes: Collaborations from the little iPod/iPhone app Brushes.  If anyone would like to purchase any of our “masterpieces,” we accept payment in candy! 🙂

A Mess of Things…

…Season 5 Finale…well, this one ends sooner than I’d thought…thanks to everyone who have followed along over the years.  This time I truly feel that it’s time to hang things up…try and forget about this “theme” and begin a new one, or perhaps just do nothing at all.  I’m an artist that never really kept up a […]

Art in Progress: Brenda

Notes: Nib and India ink…this is how I used to draw a long time ago…backgrounds and everything, not the big empty spaces of color you mostly see now (a topic for another day)…metal nib, one of the most inexpensive art tools a person can buy and so versatile with its mark making ability, truly made for the meticulous […]

Art in Progress: Sally 2

…charcoal on stonehenge paper…as always this particular style gives me time to process in my head other things besides the drawing itself…there’s this famous painting with a caption “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (This is not a pipe)…sometimes painting is not to affirm anything…it just is…

Art: Amy 4

Amy 4 | Pen and Ink / CG …yep, sure does remind me of somebody…

Art in Progress: Christine

Notes: Pencil, Pen and Ink, and then these images were taken using an old Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AI-S mounted on a Canon EOS 10D via a Fotodiox adapter (of which more pix to come…)