Figure Drawing – Alpharetta – 2023-08-15

Man I’m out of shape figure drawing-wise, but so glad there was a figure drawing session up in Alpharetta last night on a Tuesday!  I think that day might work out better for me and hopefully I can budget out the time and funds to attend more.  Lots of talented folks in this group.  Great model and I wish some poses could have been extended to longer so I could actually finish a drawing or two! 😉

3 hours pretty much flew by.  Besides the real life drawing practice, sessions like this are worth it from a meditative standpoint.  At least for me, while drawing I like to think about the passage of time, of how we all are on our own paths and what my younger self was like all those years ago drawing on the floor of the UGA art school.

I shot these photos this early morning with the sunlight coming through my window.  I can’t remember a year where the sun felt so blazing hot this early.  It’s like southern Florida or even out west sunlight.  I’m sure I’ll be wishing for that free heat come January and Feb.

All these drawings were 5 and 10 minute poses, pencil and charcoal.

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