Art: Devin

Devin | Pen & Ink/CG | 18×24″ This will go on my Trapper Keeper. ūüôā

New Orleans

The weather was incredible in New Orleans.¬† While we were playing frisbee at Audubon Park, there was a very nice wedding taking place across the street at Loyola University.¬† Hopefully the people didn’t mind us taking a few shots.¬† The wedding party or bride didn’t arrive in a streetcar though, which would have been quite […]

Art: Figure Drawing

Kate 1 (20 minute figure study) 18×24″ Charcoal on Canson Figure drawing from life is a nice change from the way I’m currently creating art, and it’s definitely different from my photography.¬† Walk into¬†any event featuring photographers, and you’ll¬†have others¬†asking you what camera or lens you use, perhaps trying to find a correlation between¬†gear and […]

Art in progress: Refugees 2

The last piece for Brush Gallery.¬† Don’t know the direction I want to take the final CG composition, but the¬†drawing portion¬†took too long to finish, or rather come to a stopping point.¬† I started the heads before I got sick, it got left empty for awhile, and I spent all of today rendering the rest […]

Art: Dancers 2

Update: This drawing took an awful long time to color.¬† I’m hoping that it looks okay when printed out in large format.¬†The title is Dancers 2, but the subject matter features¬†just a few¬†costumes of the many¬†different cultures in the small country of Laos. The second piece for Brush Gallery.¬† Kinda lost my momentum¬†when I got […]

Art in progress: Monks 3

Sorry for the lack of updates, still recovering from¬†chickenpox,¬†of all things…that and¬†the usual stuff.¬† This is¬†a preview of one of the art pieces for a gallery in Lowell, MA.

Lao Art

What does it mean to be a Lao artist? I don’t know, but I did put some of my random Lao themed artwork in this portfolio:   Like I’ve already expressed, growing up Lao in America, you get the best of both cultures. There’s the graceful dances, food, a second language, and the respect you […]