Utah Day 5 – Tropic + Kanab + Zion

It was time to say goodbye to Tropic and its awesome hoodie weather, with another quick morning photo walk.  Sunrise wasn’t as nice as yesterday, but the light right afterwards was pretty amazing.

Tropic to Zion is only like less than an hour, but a worthy detour is the town of Kanab, near the Arizona border.  It’s definitely like going to a metropolis in comparison.  It’s also as if REI the store had its own city, with all the hiking and outdoor rec stuff a mere stones throw away.

On the way to Kanab, after the turn that you would take to get to Zion, there’s this really amazing and easy man made tunnel called The Belly of the Dragon.  It looks like something out of a Sci Fi movie.  I could see some Alien cosplayers in this tunnel, it has such an H.R. Giger type of vibe.  When walkers kick up the dust from the sand and the light shines in, it definitely looks like a very big budget hollywood effect.  Hopefully the footage I got on the BMPCC turned out like how I saw with my own eyes.

The city of Kanab is really nice.  They even had a camera store, which is super rare these days.  Not even Atlanta has a proper camera store in the mode of the “olden” days.  I should have stopped in to see their prices on film and random gear.

Chinese food in Kanab.  Maybe it must be a southwest thing, but the Mongolian beef here has a kick to it, not sweet like the style I’m used to.  The food prices here are a bit more than what we’re used to though.  The BBQ in Tropic was like $12-14 dollars, but this food was priced like midtown.

We did stop in the thrift store up the street and across the visitor center.  Speaking of which, tourism and business must be really good here in Kanab, since they had some very high quality flyers for almost every single hiking and recreation park in the area.  High quality prints and very nice photography on them as well.

But yes the thrift store, I found a lost remnant of a broken friendship, and a brochure for the Canon EOS digital system.  On the cover is the beastly 1Ds Mark III, a legendary boat anchor of a camera that costed like $7000 a 15+ years ago.  It was the top dog back then, and of course still very very viable today in knowledgeable hands.  The brochure was $.50 and the 1Ds mk III goes for about $500-600 on the used market.

The road into Zion from this side is both lovely and insane.

Thai Sapa: Vegan green curry with tofu and jasmine rice.  This was also priced accordingly for the lovely tourist town of Springdale, right outside the west entrance to Zion.

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