New Orleans: Street Photography

Masaman Curry with Sweet Potato: 3.5/5

Overpriced Roast Beef PoBoy with Sriracha Chili Sauce: 4/5

Street Photography from the Saturday and Sunday before Mardi Gras 2012.  Fujifilm X100 to keep it light and simple.  …However this little Fuji has been exhibiting the “sticky aperture blade” problem for quite some time now.  Erratic exposures caused by the lens not being able to stop down correctly.  Fujifilm USA, I hope this can be fixed for the cost of shipping only… 🙁

Beignet 4/5

Tamarind Pineapple Okra Fish Soup 4/5

I also shot some Fujifilm FP100C in the Polaroid ProPack.  I was probably the only person in all of New Orleans with that rig.  One nice gentleman came up to me while I was shooting, remarked how he hadn’t seen a camera like that in a long time, and that it brought a smile to his face.

Canon+Nikon, Fuji, Nikon 1, and Polaroid ProPack, I guess that’s what I consider traveling light.

Back home...Baby Octopus Tofu Soup Medium Hot 4.5/5

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