Nikon 85mm 1.4D + GFX 50S

Last week I thought I would give this combo another try–a now “vintage” Nikon 85mm 1.4D adapted to the GFX with the simple dummy adapter.  Last year I wasn’t too keen on the 67mm “equivalent” focal length when mounted on the medium format GFX sensor, but for this colorful spring I thought it would be a good 3rd option for portraits.

I’ve had this 85mm for many many years now, and rarely use it on the native Nikon bodies.  I’ve found its low contrast flaring charm works better on other brands.  This Fuji is no exception, as the colors are really nice, even wide open.

Years ago I remember really wanting this lens, and could I justify the $800? price that could have gone towards food and utilities instead?  I did buy it of course, and even though it didn’t get quite as much use as the 105mm Micro or 70-200mm, it really does shine in many situations.  Every generation of photography tech there’s a lens or camera that will seem just out of arm’s reach, but my advice is to just buy it if you really have a need or passion for the types of photos it could allow you to get over something like a normal lens.  This lens can be found for a bargain these days, partly because of the autofocus override system is coupled to this ring that you have to press a button on to release.  But the glass, it has enough to cover the GFX sensor and looks great at smaller sharper apertures with some minor cropping of the corners.

Only a matter of time before cinema folks discover the bargain that is the Nikkor 85mm 1.4D.

(All photos with this setup were manually focused.  The product shots were done with my X100.  Together this is not a bad combo at all.  Like in a videogame, the GFX is the larger Strength weapon and the nimble X100 as an off hand dagger type.  Yes that’s yet another nerdy D&D reference.)

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