Nikon 105mm 1.4E on F100 and Portra 160

Film will always have a certain pull on me.  Even though I have tons of digital cameras that will produce instant pictures that I can edit immediately, the texture and process of film is something unique in this era.  One combo I haven’t seen any photographer online use is the Nikon 105mm 1.4E on a […]

Fall in Georgia – Kodak Gold 400

Thanks to Robbie for developing this super old roll of Kodak Gold 400.  Think it was sitting in my F100 for at least 6 years (and might have expired well before then!).  My how time flies.  Below are samples of what I got! These are DSLR scans (D600 and 105mm Micro converted in Capture NX2), […]

Nikon D50 Film Scanning

One of my next personal photo books will probably be my old portraits shot on film.  I’ve posted before about taking a picture of a negative with a DSLR and a macro lens, but thought I’d revisit it with some more “ancient” tech, a Nikon D50.  This 14+ year old DSLR doesn’t have much value […]

36 Frames

Just my thoughts on life, this year, and film…

Kodak Gold 400

Finally used this roll of Kodak Gold 400 that was probably at the bottom of the junk box for over a decade. 400 is definitely grainy, but I like it.


Random photos I got developed the other day. Kodak Black and White film from my old Minolta and 50mm lens.

F100 Roll 3

Shots from a roll of Kodak ProFoto XL ISO 100, and comparisons between the Walgreens film scans and my “Strobist” way of photographing color negatives.