I Shot some 35mm Color Film at Lao New Year

For this Lao New Year season I thought it would be neat to shoot some color negative film at some of the festivals.  Partly to stand out, partly because it’s “fun,” and probably just because I need to scratch that itch to remind myself of why digital is so amazing/superior/better and this is why we […]

Where to develop 35mm Film in Atlanta? (2024)

The other day I drove all the way to Douglasville GA to try out a new (to me) place for some film development, The Photo Spot.  I say all the way because as the old meme says, “Atlanta is 1 Hour from Atlanta.”  For the last couple of weeks here in the metro area traffic […]

Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170 Roll 5&6 + Fujifilm

It took a year but I finally finished the roll of Fuji Superia 400 that I had in the Olympus Stylus.  I scanned these on the Epson V550 and left some of the dust and scratches in some of the frames for that authentic nostalgia.  The randomness of lint and crud on film photos really […]

Kodak Ultramax 400 + Nikon F100

Here are some photos from a fresh roll of Kodak Ultramax 400 on the Nikon F100 and various lenses.  About this time last year the 3 pack of Kodak could be found at Walgreens for about $18.99 down here in metro Atlanta.  Then it got jacked up to almost $28 just a few weeks later […]

Nikon 105mm 1.4E on F100 and Fuji Superia 400

Before the hurricane and tropical depression rolled in we were on our way to a nice colorful fall down here in Georgia.  But as usual, the wind and rain knocked down so much of the foliage around me.  I did manage to squeeze in some film shots alongside the normal digitals.  It’s still fun to […]

Nikon F100 + 105mm 1.4E + Expired Kodak Gold 200

Thanks to Thomas for some rolls of expired film!  My guess is the film might have been at least ten years old, but I’m glad it still registered an image.  Here are some examples of the first expired roll on an F100 and 105mm 1.4E.  Out of 24 exposures I think I got about 16 […]

Fujifilm Superia 400 – Portraits and Stuff – Rolls 3+4

So here’s some of what I shot earlier this year on 2 more rolls of Fujifilm Superia 400.  Unlike the two rolls that went into the point and shoot Olympus Stylus I thought I would put the film behind some nice primes.  For one roll I used the Canon EOS 750 and 24mm 1.4 and […]

Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 170 Roll 1&2 w/ Fujifilm Superia 400

So here are some photos from two rolls of Fujifilm Superia 400 shot with my Olympus Stylus Zoom.  I got this camera from a friend years ago and it just sat on the shelf.  It’s funny how in the midst of a film shortage in 2022 I thought it would be neat to roll around […]

Film Throwback: Kodak BW400CN and Miss Viet Georgia Pageant 2012

Since I’ve been shooting film for the last few months I thought I would revisit some photos I shot back in 2012.  Hard to believe these pageant photos are now 10 years old.  So crazy the fast nature of life.  Anyways, if my memory is correct I was shooting mainly with my digital Nikons and […]

Found Film: Kodachrome from 1965

I found some slides and 35mm Kodachromes in a thrift store the other day. From the stamp the photos are from about 1965.  It was a pretty cool find, someone’s wedding photos and precious memories sitting amidst the junk.  Who knows what our era will leave behind for future generations to sift through.  Here are […]

Nikon 105mm 1.4E on F100 and Portra 160

Film will always have a certain pull on me.  Even though I have tons of digital cameras that will produce instant pictures that I can edit immediately, the texture and process of film is something unique in this era.  One combo I haven’t seen any photographer online use is the Nikon 105mm 1.4E on a […]

Fall in Georgia – Kodak Gold 400 + F100

Thanks to Robbie for developing this super old roll of Kodak Gold 400.  Think it was sitting in my F100 for at least 6 years (and might have expired well before then!).  My how time flies.  Below are samples of what I got! These are DSLR scans (D600 and 105mm Micro converted in Capture NX2), […]

Nikon D50 Film Scanning

One of my next personal photo books will probably be my old portraits shot on film.  I’ve posted before about taking a picture of a negative with a DSLR and a macro lens, but thought I’d revisit it with some more “ancient” tech, a Nikon D50.  This 14+ year old DSLR doesn’t have much value […]

36 Frames

Just my thoughts on life, this year, and film…

Kodak Gold 400 + Nikon F100

Finally used this roll of Kodak Gold 400 that was probably at the bottom of the junk box for over a decade. 400 is definitely grainy, but I like it.

F100 Roll 3 + Kodak Profoto XL

Shots from a roll of Kodak ProFoto XL ISO 100, and comparisons between the Walgreens film scans and my “Strobist” way of photographing color negatives.