F100 Roll 3

These photos are from the Walgreens scans from a roll of Kodak Profoto XL ISO 100.  Just trying out a different look when given the opportunity.  Even though 6 megapixel APS-C DSLR’s beat 35mm film years ago, film still has a creative pull on some people.

The scans from the mini lab machine were not that great, but I wanted to try it on color negatives to get a middle ground comparison.  The colors definitely look like they came from another time.  I would say the real “vintage” look that we associate with film comes more from the demeanor of the people in the photos.  Modern day people just don’t have the patience and stoicism needed for the old look.  We’ve all been trained by the nature of shooting rapid fire digital photography.

These are examples of how I “scan” film, which is basically shooting the negatives Strobist style with a macro lens.  Here is the original file in Capture NX2.

The first step is to invert the curves in the Quick Fix palette.

Then I either use the black point, grey point, and white point droppers to color correct the image.

Even the lab machine has its own opinion as to what the color balance should be.  By shooting color negatives in this way, I get a Nikon RAW file with infinite tweakability, albeit with some generational loss and bayer layer filtration.  I think it is a neat way to keep film alive in this digital age.

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