Film Throwback: Kodak BW400CN and Miss Viet Georgia Pageant 2012

Since I’ve been shooting film for the last few months I thought I would revisit some photos I shot back in 2012.  Hard to believe these pageant photos are now 10 years old.  So crazy the fast nature of life.  Anyways, if my memory is correct I was shooting mainly with my digital Nikons and Canons on that day but brought an F100 with Kodak BW400CN just for fun.  I think I shot a roll and a half.  Here are the pictures in random scan order, and it’s definitely unedited (so many closed eyes!).  With digital you can obviously delete the partly blinking ones, but with film there’s no such thing, just burning money and resources.  I mention it a lot but I really would like Kodak to bring back this film, and of course at a reasonable price.

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