Photos: Von

Notes: Thanks Von and Thip for the spur of the moment photo shoot…hair, make up, and location¬†by them…me, I just show up and click a button. ūüėé

Photos: LLB

Notes: …was ridiculously cold and sleeting during the shoot, thanks for being a trooper!

Kodak Black and White Memories

    With the recent demise of filmstock such as Polaroid instant film and now Kodak Kodachrome, I’ve been thinking about shooting more film.¬† When I think back to random events in my life, I’m always glad that I carried a film camera around with Kodak black and white film, even when it wasn’t practical, […]

Photos: Wild Bill’s

Notes: SB-800 Speedlight in a softbox, CLS triggered. Last minute notice on this shoot, so thanks to S.B. for backdrop.¬† Dark as a cave in the lounge area, but the purple wall¬†made for¬†some interesting shots,¬†also thanks to all the mua’s and stylists.

Photos: D3

Here are some photos of my new friend, the D3.¬† No, not the Nikon (I wish…), but a foldable bicycle, the¬†Dahon Curve D3. ūüôā Best thing about this bike is that it folds into something that can fit in my trunk.¬† And I’ve gotten compliments from random strangers as well as lil’ chillren that want […]

Atlanta Model/Photo Meetup

Photos from the recent Atlanta Model/Photography Meetup | May, 2008. Been meaning to come out for a shootout for some time, but they’re always on a weekend, and of course I’m always¬†goofing off on those days.¬†Everyone did a great job, and it was¬†fun shooting with people from different backgrounds and skill levels.¬† I know we’re […]

Photos: Macon Cherry Blossoms

Macon, Georgia is one of the cherry¬†tree capitals of the world.¬† If you guys go down now, you can still catch the beauty of the city, with nearly every single block covered in the distinct white and pink blossoms.¬† If only the city of Atlanta adopted an urban renewal plan that reflected the South’s original […]

Happy Leap Day

If anyone wonders where these “exotic” locations are, the pix were taken, ahem…in front of a Mexican Restaurant, an office building, and in front of a Wendy’s!¬† ūüôā

Photos: Speedlight in a Softbox

Learned a thing or two in Miami and got a chance to try it out with my own setup.¬†¬†Thanks to¬†others on the web, it’s¬†quite easy to shoot using a¬†remote speedlight (a flash)¬†in a softbox. Now granted, these shots will never compete for any covers anytime soon, but I think it’s so cool that the technology […]