Notes: Before there was Capture NX and Photoshop, there were old school Cokin filters.

Photos: Casting Call

Took¬†a friend to a casting call for a rap video (…crank dat…ohhh!).¬† It was over pretty quick so took the opportunity to try some strobist shots around the ATL. Technical Notes: As you can see, SB800 with the diffusion dome, hand held.

Photos: Photo Barn Shoot

Dunwoody Model Meetup | Photo Barn | Lilburn, GA Notes: Nikkor 17-55mm 2.8, and 105mm 2.8 VR Micro for these shots.¬† Shot some with the Photogenic studio strobes, but couldn’t get my usual results so went back to the good ol’ SB800 in¬†a softbox for some images.¬†¬†Nextdoor was an old Chevy remodeling place.¬† Mosquito repellant, […]

Photos: RLCD Festival and Wat Lao Nashville

Royal Lao Classical Dancers Festival Lao Buddhist Temple of Nashville New Year Celebration May 25, 2008 | Antioch, TN With any dance performance¬†you’d most likely want to capture it on video, but sadly the technology, even at HD resolutions, doesn’t have that same visual appeal to me that photographs have.¬† The above video is of […]

Photos: VVMA 2008

Vietnamese Video Music Awards | Cobb Energy Centre | May 18, 2008 Presented by the Union of Vietnamese Students Associations of Georgia.¬† Lots of talented singers, models and performers. All the proceeds from the VVMA event went towards VOICE, a nonprofit group focused on stopping the human trafficking of Vietnamese refugees in Cambodia. Above Slideshow: […]

Photos: D3

Here are some photos of my new friend, the D3.¬† No, not the Nikon (I wish…), but a foldable bicycle, the¬†Dahon Curve D3. ūüôā Best thing about this bike is that it folds into something that can fit in my trunk.¬† And I’ve gotten compliments from random strangers as well as lil’ chillren that want […]

Lao New Year 2008 – Wat Pothisaram – Conley, GA

Lao New Year 2551 (2008)¬†| Wat Lao Pothisaram | Conley, GA For those of you whose photographic or cultural interest has been piqued by my photos, I do have to say that almost all of my work deals with beauty–the surface kind. It’s just a natural tendency of a creative person, or actually of anybody […]

Atlanta Model/Photo Meetup

Photos from the recent Atlanta Model/Photography Meetup | May, 2008. Been meaning to come out for a shootout for some time, but they’re always on a weekend, and of course I’m always¬†goofing off on those days.¬†Everyone did a great job, and it was¬†fun shooting with people from different backgrounds and skill levels.¬† I know we’re […]

New Orleans

The weather was incredible in New Orleans.¬† While we were playing frisbee at Audubon Park, there was a very nice wedding taking place across the street at Loyola University.¬† Hopefully the people didn’t mind us taking a few shots.¬† The wedding party or bride didn’t arrive in a streetcar though, which would have been quite […]

Photos: Macon Cherry Blossoms

Macon, Georgia is one of the cherry¬†tree capitals of the world.¬† If you guys go down now, you can still catch the beauty of the city, with nearly every single block covered in the distinct white and pink blossoms.¬† If only the city of Atlanta adopted an urban renewal plan that reflected the South’s original […]

LAS Fundraising Ball Photos

Of late I’ve been trumpeting the struggles of artists, but trying to promote respect for and a better understanding of my Laotian culture and heritage is also difficult. Laotian refers to the many groups of people from the small country of Laos (silent “S”).¬† Lao refers to the main spoken and written language as well […]

Happy Leap Day

If anyone wonders where these “exotic” locations are, the pix were taken, ahem…in front of a Mexican Restaurant, an office building, and in front of a Wendy’s!¬† ūüôā

Photos: Sugar Bowl – Hawaii vs Georgia

Nice to see the streetcar running in NOLA again. The Hawaii fans¬†had such a huge showing that they could have won the game on spirit alone.¬† When it came to cheering, the Hawaii¬†Warrior dance team really had some moves. Even when the game was well out of reach at 41-3 in favor of UGA, the […]