Canon EOS RP and Nikon 105mm 1.4E

One way I get through our wacky Georgia winters is that I mess around with my various oddball camera and lens combos.  The Nikon 105mm 1.4E is my main portrait lens that lives on my Nikon bodies, but for this quick Sunday hangout, I thought it would be fun to see what it can do on the mirrorless Canon EOS RP.  Keep in mind all these portraits were shot in manual focus (with the up arrow mapped to punch in) and every photo is wide open at f/1.4 since this type of Nikon lens no longer has an aperture lever.

Canon EOS RP and Nikon 105mm 1.4E with the Gutty Adapter

I like the look, since it’s very reminiscent to the 85mm 1.4D on my 5D series cameras, but this lens will definitely go back to being mounted on its proper Nikon body. 🙂  A fun experiment for a cold and somewhat rainy winter day in Georgia though!

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