Full Frame + Phone

I kept my old phone and started using it as a dedicated camera/editor. Don’t hang on to much, but this one has both good and sad memories. Yeah I know, way too sentimental…

Graveyard Girl

The student photographers I see at Oakland Cemetery normally only focus on the graves and stone monuments, but I am mostly attracted to the color and texture. I’m sure one of the movie companies will film something here one day, since it is such a picturesque Atlanta landmark.

New Orleans: Street Photography

Street Photography from the Saturday and Sunday before Mardi Gras 2012. Fujifilm X100 to keep it light and simple. …However this little Fuji has been exhibiting the “sticky aperture blade” problem for quite some time now. Erratic exposures caused by the lens not being able to stop down correctly. Fujifilm USA, I hope this can be fixed for the cost of shipping only… 🙁

Snapseed for Mac

Notes: Snapseed is now available in the Mac App store.  A bit more expensive than the iPad app, but then again, most people don’t realize how expensive plugins cost for the various photo editing programs.  Very limited options in the desktop/notebook version, and the jpeg compression is set for small file sizes, but it does […]

iPad 2 Camera and Snapseed

The built in camera of the iPad 2 is more of a novelty, but it works, which is more than what you can say about the myriad of cameras I frequently see in the antique stores.


Editing photos on the couch with Nik Software’s iPad/iPhone app Snapseed and Dropbox.