Snapseed for Mac

Notes: Snapseed is now available in the Mac App store.  A bit more expensive than the iPad app, but then again, most people don’t realize how expensive plugins cost for the various photo editing programs.  Very limited options in the desktop/notebook version, and the jpeg compression is set for small file sizes, but it does the job for quick edits when you don’t want to swipe and tap.

With all the bandwidth going towards other things these days, makes you wonder why the humble still image is being downgraded and seemingly left behind.  It doesn’t matter if the social sites up the image size, the high jpeg compression just makes all photos look bad.  Transferring photos to and from Dropbox on mobile devices kills the quality even further, and as much as I like the iPad, while browsing websites on its Safari, I can’t help but notice the jpeg artifacts on the images that it seems to reconstruct.  Next time you are browsing, pay attention to the grid patterns due to lossy compression.  I don’t see these devices getting any larger physically, so the least companies can do is let us see our images at the quality level we saved them in.  If a phone or tablet can run a videogame that used to run on a console, I think it can handle a lowly 500 KB .jpg.

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