Graveyard Girl

The student photographers I see at Oakland Cemetery normally only focus on the graves and stone monuments, but I am mostly attracted to the color and texture.  I’m sure one of the movie companies will film something here one day, since it is such a picturesque Atlanta landmark.  Being a location scout for a production company here in Georgia would be a great occupation…nudge nudge, but as we all know, highly desirable odd jobs like that are about as rare as a lighthouse keeper.  Everyone else is stuck in the rat race, ’cause well, we are pretty much like real rats.  I guess hanging out in the cemetery makes one think too much about one day pushing up daisies.  The first image was shot with one of my less used combos, an E-PL1 with a pristine vintage Canon 50mm f/1.4 FL, shot in square format.  I forgot how that camera produces some of the smoothest jpegs out of camera.  In trying to think of a title for this post, I remembered that Graveyard Girl is one of my most favorite M83 songs.

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