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Tech Notes: Above, an out of camera image with the 105mm Micro VR.

Following images are edited in different ways.  Some over the top in terms of color shifts, but different people, different likes.

Tech Notes: The Nikon 85mm f/1.4D has great bokeh, but the way it also renders out of focus elements in the foreground isn’t pursued by many people.  The next images track my train of thought for a particular scene and series of shots.  Again, shooting digitally is more about working out your ideas in real time.

Nice lenses render life in a different way, so there’s no shame in taking a picture and viewing it on the screen immediately to see how colors and depth of field look like.  I still find it funny how  “real” photographers try their hardest not to view their work on the back of camera, as if that’s something lesser image makers do.  It’s a tool for visual confirmation of your own composition choices, nothing more, not a crutch.  It’s digital photography, not oil painting.

The color of this Japanese maple was really impressive.  Last week the theme was yellow, this time UGA red. 🙂  Like a painting, you’d want to tie a subject and background together with similar colors, like the small floral pattern and real leaves.

In the first image the tree branch is a bit distracting, so I move around to get a little more painterly image.

With a fixed lens you have to zoom with your feet.  Some compositions and situations require a zoom lens, but the rendering of a prime is almost always “better.”  Also, when certain lenses are mounted on crop cameras giving you the field of view that is similar to a full frame portrait lens, like a 50mm on an APS-C camera, you still don’t get the optical qualities of the higher class lens.

A couple of snaps later and got an image that I was happy with due to the expression, and red, white and blue color scheme.

Fujifilm X100, Edited with Silkypix

Behind the Scenes

Nikon J1

Nikon J1

Snapseed on iPad

Nikon J1 video capture and Snapseed on iPad

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