Atlanta Model/Photo Meetup

Photos from the recent Atlanta Model/Photography Meetup | May, 2008. Been meaning to come out for a shootout for some time, but they’re always on a weekend, and of course I’m always¬†goofing off on those days.¬†Everyone did a great job, and it was¬†fun shooting with people from different backgrounds and skill levels.¬† I know we’re […]

Photos: Speedlight in a Softbox

Learned a thing or two in Miami and got a chance to try it out with my own setup.¬†¬†Thanks to¬†others on the web, it’s¬†quite easy to shoot using a¬†remote speedlight (a flash)¬†in a softbox. Now granted, these shots will never compete for any covers anytime soon, but I think it’s so cool that the technology […]