Miss Viet =)

MUA and Hair: Nhi Model: Christina, Miss Vietnam Georgia 2010 Location: My front yard ūüôā Technical Notes: All primes on this one, that is, lenses with a fixed focal length.¬† 50mm, 85mm, and 105mm.¬† Have a hard time deciding which one is my favorite for portraiture, so I just use them all.

City Love

Model: Tran, MUA and Hair: Japan and Tokyo

Jujube Tea

Even when I have to run to the airport, there’s always time for a photoshoot…:)

Sakura + Kimono

Notes: Thanks to Rachel (and Vicki), Monica,¬†and Lan for posing on a cold day at Piedmont Park.¬† Cherry blossoms don’t last long, maybe 3 to 4 days at most around here.¬† Again, my “shoots” are almost always organic in nature, mostly with a “let’s see what’s around the corner type of mentality” combined with trying […]


Notes: Southeastern Railway Museum, Duluth, GA.  More Photos coming soon.

Spring (…almost)

Notes: Forgot how much I like the 70-200mm f/2.8 for portraits.¬† Used a good bit of everything in the arsenal for all these, and wouldn’t you know it, didn’t even touch the 85mm f/1.4.¬† Pix below from the Foveon Sigma.¬† If only the files look like that out of the camera.¬† There is hope though, […]


Technical Notes: Stylist and MUA: Nhi, Trying out a couple of different ideas all at once for this shoot.¬† Obviously the goal is to have fun, and supply flattering images for people, but learning the strengths of weaknesses of different¬†gear is always a tertiary goal.¬† Natural light low ISO is in the wheelhouse of the […]


Notes: First lovely day in Atlanta in a long time, brief break from the doldrums of winter.¬† The park was packed, frisbees flying about and dogs of all coats and colors. Rode my bike around and around, cool in the shade, warm in the sunlight, just people watching.¬† Reminded me of stuff, of growing up, […]


Random notes:¬† …I’m no Henri Cartier-Bresson, but with my portrait photography I always try my best to capture the peak moment of the expression.¬† Maybe it’s the same reflexes I devoted all those years to videogames, or maybe it’s because I simply care about the person and the image I’m making for them.¬† You aren’t […]


Notes: …cold wet rain actually made for the best photos of the day.¬† Wet pavement always enhances out of focus streetlights that¬†add to¬†the dreamy bokeh.¬† I like doing inside strobist shots (since there’s music and heat), but¬†it’s¬†never¬†replacing environment shots with just one camera and a lens.¬† In the time it takes to fill up my […]

Kennesaw Photo Meetup

Notes: Strobist¬†shots and photos taken with just¬†the modeling light glow¬†from the big studio strobes. f/1.4 is 1.4 regardless of make or model. X-processed some of the images to mimic the color cast of old film that I like. Nikon+Canon+Digital Photo Pro+Nikon Capture NX+Photoshop=low res .jpg for everyone to view.¬† Hey, that’s photography these days. ūüôā


Misc Notes: Water museum with oddly no water and Mall of Georgia, whatever’s close by.¬† Too cold to get into a groove, but the manual focusing is getting better… ūüôā¬†Used Silkypix for the mkII raws, and there isn’t much under the hood of those .cr2’s, at least not as much as what I believe can […]

ATL Model Meetup

  ¬† Technical Notes: Nikon MF 50mm f/1.4 Ai-S on a Canon body.¬† Focus ring is nice and smooth, and the glass definitely has¬†the vintage look from that era.¬† Bokeh is quite harsh and somewhat distracting compared to the newer lenses,¬†and the lens aberrations can’t be fixed¬†with the Canon software, but get¬†over it, it’s digital […]