APAC Gala 2024 Photos

39th APAC Gala

Asian Pacific American Coalition of Georgia

May 11 2024  |  Sonesta  |  Duluth, GA

Event Photography by Boon Vong (as a guest!).

Yes I cover events professionally. 😉

I had the beef.  Like all hotel food for galas it was okay. Luckily at the table we had some papaya salad leftover!!

There I fixed it. Now it’s like a good ol Lao meal.

It was nice to sit and eat for once! Thanks to euy Kayla for the seat, and for preparing the Lao food that I think everyone was impressed it.  We’ve been attending and participating in this annual gala for a long time now, and it’s good to see new faces, new groups, and the next class of leaders for our community here in Georgia.  I know the census shows AAPI’s in Georgia to be around half a million(?), but it sure does seem a bit more than that.

And yes I got to be in a photo.  Just one.  Thanks to Malay for handling my boat anchor of a camera, a classic D700 + 24-70mm 2.8 + Speedlight.  A combo that I decided at the last minute to bring for old times sake.  It rendered hot and overexposed many frames, which required lots of editing and retouching, but the Nikon still produces great sharp colorful photos with deep blacks and contrast that other camera kits rarely deliver. 

39th APAC Gala

Asian Pacific American Council of Georgia


APAC Member Organizations

Atlanta Taiwanese Association of America (ATAA) • Cambodian American Association of Georgia (CAAG) • Center for Pan Asian Community Services (CPACS) • Filipino American Association of Georgia (FIL-AM) • Indian American Cultural Association (IACA) • Indonesian Community Heritage Foundation (ICHF) • Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta (KAAGA) • Laotian American Society (LAS) • Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASEA) • OCA Georgia • Thai Association World Center (TAWC USA) • Vietnamese American Community of Georgia (VACGA)


May 11 2024  |  Sonesta  |  Duluth, GA

Event Photography by Boon Vong (as a guest!)

Yes I cover events professionally. I’m not tied to any news agency.  My work is a continuing story of our lovely people and community.  Everyone needs good looking high quality photos, especially in this day and age.  Photo credit and link backs please.  😉


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